Although the man known as "Old Mayor Jim" may be leaving Powell City Council, he has promised to remain active in the community.

Council members Dec. 19 wished a fond farewell to Jim Hrivnak, who has been serving with the board since 2008. He served as the city's mayor in 2014 and 2015.

"Thank you for all the support, and it's been my pleasure to serve you, the citizens of Powell," Hrivnak said in his farewell message to the community.

City Manager Steve Lutz said Hrivnak's "passion and love for the community" frequently are on display.

"He's always present at community events and functions," he said. "He's well-known by a lot of individuals as Old Mayor Jim. ... He was always a great cheerleader of the community."

Hrivnak did not seek a new term on council in November's election. Attorney Melissa Riggins will succeed him.

Hrivnak said the highlights of his time on council include the 29 marriage ceremonies he performed as mayor.

"That was another fantastic part of the job," he said.

Councilman Tom Counts said his colleague "worked tirelessly for the benefit of the city. He said Hrivnak made sure to get to know as many city residents as possible during his tenure.

"That's what being a councilman and being a mayor is all about: being a representative of the city," Counts said.

Councilman Frank Bertone said Hrivnak has been "an ambassador for this community" during his time on council.

Hrivnak said he does not expect to fully leave the public eye in 2018. He said he plans to continue to serve on the committee representing the Powell Community Improvement Corp., a nonprofit organization that promotes economic development in the city.