A trial is scheduled to begin Thursday, Jan. 4, in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas for former Hilliard Davidson High School student John Leonard Staley III, who was indicted Sept. 28 for conspiracy to commit murder, a first-degree felony.

However, one of two other things is expected occur in the courtroom of Judge David Cain, said Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien.

"It will either be a continuance or a plea ... but no trial," O'Brien said.

Staley, who lives in northwest Columbus, was 17 years old Sept. 28 when O'Brien announced the indictment for planning a mass shooting at Davidson in October 2016.

"This teenager was plotting a mass shooting ... and will be prosecuted as an adult for that crime," O'Brien said in September.

Staley is represented by attorneys Stephen Palmer and Jeffery Linn II; he entered a plea of not guilty Oct. 2, according to court records.

On Sept. 6, Franklin County juvenile court Judge Terri Jamison ordered Staley tried as an adult.

Palmer previously told ThisWeek  that psychologists and other experts said Staley should not be tried as an adult but "the judge thought otherwise."

He said last week a trial would not begin in January.

"Either we will reach agreement that is acceptable (to all the parties) ... or go further down the road," Palmer said.

Staley was arrested in October 2016 and charged with a delinquency count of conspiracy to commit murder after another Davidson student told a school resource officer Staley was overheard on a school bus discussing the plot, O'Brien said.

Staley had created diagrams and attempted to recruit other students, O'Brien said.