Whereas 2017 concluded with the demolition of the Columbus Metropolitan Library's Dublin branch, the new year will be marked by new construction.

The foundation of the new Dublin branch is scheduled to be laid in late January or early February, according to Columbus Metropolitan Library spokesman Ben Zenitsky.

The city of Dublin also is starting its portion of the project -- a four-level parking garage.

The garage, to be located adjacent to the library, will begin being built the first quarter of next year, after construction bids are awarded no later than February, said Dana McDaniel, Dublin city manager.

The parking garage is expected to be finished the latter part of 2019 or early 2020. The library is slated to open in 2019.

Parks and streets

Other projects set for 2018 include continued work on Riverside Crossing and Holder Wright parks.

McDaniel said the city would continue to invest in street and park improvements to maintain property value and quality of life.

"That's a significant effort," he said.

The pedestrian bridge associated with Riverside Crossing Park is under construction and scheduled to be finished in 2019, McDaniel said. The bridge landings will start to take shape in the next year, and the park itself will unfold over the next five years.

Community survey

During the beginning of the year, the city will work on undertaking its latest National Citizen Survey.

The survey, which is completed every couple of years, enables the city to gauge how it delivers fundamental services, McDaniel said.

The data also can be compared to more than 200 other cities in the United States.

Residents will be selected randomly for the survey, said city communications and public-information director Sue Burness.

Those selected to participate were to receive a postcard prior to the new year, with the survey to follow in the mail this month.

Participants may complete either a paper or online version of the survey.

Preliminary results are expected to be announced during the State of the Community event, which this year will be held in collaboration with the Dublin City School District, Burness said. A full report is expected to be ready in late March or early April.