Hilliard City Council on Jan. 8 interviewed 14 people who applied to replace Councilman Joe Erb.

Erb resigned Dec. 14 because he was moving out of Hilliard; his term expires Dec. 31, 2019.

City Council members have 45 days from his effective resignation to name a successor or the council president may make the appointment, according to law director Tracy Bradford.

Councilwoman Kelly McGivern said Jan. 10 that council members still needed to decide how many candidates, if any, would be invited back for second interviews Jan. 22.

City Council could consider an appointment Jan. 22 or conduct more interviews and then wait until the next meeting to consider an appointment.

The 14 people who filed applications are:

• Scott Brown, executive director of the Rotary Club of Columbus

• Johnny Dawson, CEO of the Dawson Seeley Group, a financial-advisory practice

• Michael-Lynn Evans, president and owner of AP Consulting, a public-policy group

• Kurt Gearhiser, a private-practice attorney for the Gearhiser Law Firm

• Kelly Lamb, a personal trainer

• Ryan Lee, self-employed day trader

• Chris Lewie, a self-employed writer and chairman of the Hilliard Planning and Zoning commission

• Shanna Madden, an account executive for the Avesis insurance agency

• Pete Marsh, a landscape designer for Buck and Sons Landscape Service and chairman of the Hilliard Environmental Sustainability Commission

• Averel Meden, president and founder of A.M. Advisors

• Mari-jean Siehl, owner of Siehl Consulting Services

• Greg St. Clair, CFO for Steyer Seeds

• Bob Stepp, retired product supervisor for Birchwood Foods

• Omar Tarazi, owner of the Law Office of Omar Tarazi

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