Grove City residents now have easy access to the city's financial information.

The city has launched a Community Financial Transparency website using software from Tyler Technologies, the company the city uses for its financial package.

The interactive website offers updated information for the current year and historical data since 2014 regarding all city expenditures, revenue and payroll.

"You can also check out what payments we've made to any vendor," said Richard Donnelly, the city's tax administrator.

Vendors include city employees, so residents see the expenses and overtime pay for each department and employee.

The data are available at

"A lot of this information has been available in our budget documents and CAFR (comprehensive annual financial report)," Donnelly said.

"What's great about the transparency website is that it's available 24/7 to residents anytime they want it. They can check it out at 3 a.m. if they want to," he said. "All they have to do is log on to the website and all the information is there at their fingertips."

"It's all part of our ongoing effort to ensure the city government is open and welcoming to our constituents," city administrator Chuck Boso said. "That's why we started televising our city council meetings and then our planning and board of zoning appeals meetings.

"We've tried to do that with our finances through our budget reports and CAFRs," Boso said. "But this transparency website allows us to provide the financial information updated each week, so that it's current."

One of the most useful components is that a site visitor is able to search for data by year, category, department, fund and vendor, Donnelly said.

"If you want to see a breakdown of the expenditures and vendor payments for the street department, it's easy to do that," he said. "It's very user-friendly."

"Transparency is the key word here," Boso said.

Since the city already works with Tyler Technologies as the software provider for its financial data management, it made sense to use the company as the host for the transparency website, Donnelly said.