Although he will not see a typical cost-of-living raise in 2018, Delaware's city manager will see his pay tick up this year.

Delaware City Council on Jan. 8 voted to amend City Manager Tom Homan's contract in order to convert his monthly car allowance into salary. With the change, which is retroactively effective Dec. 27, Homan's hourly rate of pay increases from $68.20 to $71.66.

Previously, the city gave Homan an automobile allowance of $600 per month "for the use of the manager's personal vehicle for city business without requiring mileage records or expense receipts."

The contract still allows Homan to seek reimbursement if he uses his personal vehicle to travel "beyond a 100-mile radius of Delaware" on city business.

Councilwoman Lisa Keller said because the allowance has been converted into salary, council does not plan to re-establish the allowance in years to come.

"The expectation still is that he will provide his own transportation," she said. "Just in case there were questions about that (from) future councils ... our intention in making that change was not to add a car allowance back in later. That's already accounted for."

City Attorney Darren Shulman said he added "clarifying language" to the contract to reflect council's intent.

The amended contract approved by council includes the line: "The city manager is expected to use his own vehicle for transportation as the prior car allowance was converted into salary."

Homan was not the lone employee to receive approval for a pay increase at council's most-recent meeting.

Council also approved 2 percent raises for nonunion employees and department heads, as well as seasonal and part-time workers.

The panel also gave its OK to increase pay for permanent part-time firefighters.

Hourly wages for a part-time firefighter/EMT will increase from $12 to $13, an increase of about 8 percent, and hourly wages for a part-time firefighter/paramedic will increase from $14 to $15, an increase of about 7 percent.