Nick Cipiti, president of the Northwest Civic Association board of trustees, said he hopes the organization can arrive at a definitive position on the potential development of a large parcel near the Ohio State University Airport.

At the next meeting of the association's board of trustees, scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 7, Cipiti said he wants to bring up the issue of taking a formal stance on the future of the 57-acre parcel off West Case Road known as the "Sheep Farm."

NWCA meetings are held in the Meadow Park Church of God, 2425 Bethel Road.

Cipiti said he's calling for the action Feb. 7 at the urging of state Rep. Mike Duffey (R-Worthington), who told him he wants to hear from the organization and residents before considering any legislation that would permit university officials to sell the site.

"I want to formalize our position on the Sheep Farm," Cipiti said.

Some people living near what is currently pasture land have been holding gatherings to try to have some say about what happens with the large site. They said they are concerned about what a large-scale development would mean for them.

Members of the working group have prepared a document putting forth the types of uses residents would like to see on the site, including park space, a recreation center, library and even a public pool.

Residents' concerns and desires will be taken into consideration as the Sheep Farm moves forward, according to Keith Myers, OSU associate vice president of fiscal planning and real estate.

Myers attended the NWCA trustees meeting Nov. 1. He told attendees it is a new approach.

"We've never done this before," Myers said.

Also at the Feb. 7 meeting, Cipiti said he wants to jump start the process for filling the four current vacancies on the 15-member panel. He said he has received "informal interest," but wants to set a timeline for holding interviews with interested candidates.

"I want to get the ball rolling for filling those four seats," he said. "I don't think we're going to have any trouble finding four people."

Only one zoning matter is expected to be considered at the meeting, according to Marilyn Goodman, chairwoman of the NWCA's graphics and zoning committee.

The matter involves a parcel on West Case Road near the airport that's currently in Perry Township, Goodman said.

The septic system on the property is failing and the owner wants to hook up to the city's sewer line.

"He wants to tie into the sewer and I guess the city said you need to be annexed," Goodman said.

Also on tap Feb. 7 will be committee reports, including one from the three-member panel charged with increasing membership.