We woke Jan. 13 to a fresh coat of snow painting New Albany. I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to go sledding on a day like today?"

We went to a local spot near a New Albany golf course, and as I pulled into the snow-covered turnoff at the bottom of the hill, I got my Honda Civic stuck.

A couple gentlemen offered to give me a push after overhearing the constant revving of my engine with no progress, but we had no luck.

Just when I had given up and headed back to sled, I overheard someone telling his wife he saw two men trying to push my car out. The gentleman offered to try and shovel out my front tires, but again, no luck. In the meantime, three other cars got stuck.

Then I see a group of more than 20 boys who have pushed one of the stuck cars out of the snow. While adrenaline was still pumping, they offered to give my car a go. As the boys worked together as a team, my car finally lifted out of the ditch I created.

As I pulled out of the golf course to go home, feeling elated, I saw the chivalrous young men moving on to a third car with the hopes of freeing one more. I only had a "thank you" to give to the boys, but I wish I could have done more. Hopefully getting them a shout out in the local paper will help.

I can say I truly learned a lesson that day: Do not drive a Honda Civic to go sledding, and if you happen not to listen to my warning, hope these wonderful boys are there to save you.

Lisa Barber

New Albany