Within six months, it will be hard to remember Ill Mannered Brewing Co.’s current taproom, with fewer than 10 spots at the bar and a few tables inside and out for customers.

Members of the ThisWeek staff stopped by Ill Mannered Brewing Co., 30 Grace Drive, Powell, on Thursday for week 6 of our #ThisWeekBreweryTour.

And we got there just in time: Ill Mannered is breaking ground on a new 3,000-square-foot building this Wednesday, Feb. 28.

The new space will also include a 1,000-square-foot patio, said Ill Mannered Brewing Co. co-owner Tom Ayers. The building is scheduled to be under construction until July or August, he said.

The new space will allow many more customers enjoy the Powell-based brewery’s specialty brews as well as increase the brewhouse, Ayers said.

In addition, the patio will include a dedicated spot for food trucks, he said.

Until then, Ayers and his team still are experimenting with different flavors for their beer. On Wednesday, Feb. 21, the brewery released their latest creation: “This Be Madness Dopplebock,” a drink with caramel and malt notes and an 8.5-percent alcohol level, Ayers said.

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In a related note, the #ThisWeekBreweryTour will host a “Beer with the staff of ThisWeek Community News” event at Uptown Deli and Brew from 5 to 7 p.m. on March 29. Grab a beer and meet reporters, editors and other members of the ThisWeek team to share story ideas, give feedback and put a face with the name.

The remaining dates of the brewery tour are as follows:

•March 1 -- Four String Brewing

•March 8 -- North High Brewing (for a special follow-up)

•March 15 -- Grove City Brewing Co.

•March 22 -- Lineage Brewing 

•March 29 -- Uptown Deli and Brew (rescheduled from Feb. 15)

Previous tours:

•Jan. 11 -- Combustion Brewery & Taproom

•Jan. 18 -- Sideswipe Brewing

•Jan. 25 -- Seventh Son

•Feb. 1 -- Wolf’s Ridge

•Feb. 8 -- North High Brewing