Pickerington city officials will seek to replace two department directors who have moved on since the start of this year.

On Jan. 26, Scott Tourville stepped down after serving as Pickerington's city engineer since May 2013.

His exit was followed Feb. 16 by Liberty Schindel, who began working as the city's economic development director in April 2016.

Tourville, who headed an approximately $8.1 million project to improve traffic flow and safety project along state Route 256 and helped the city obtain roughly $10 million for a planned $13.5 million project to enhance Refugee Road, resigned to become Westerville's city engineer.

"Westerville is my hometown," Tourville said.

"I greatly enjoyed working with the very talented staff at the city and really appreciate my time working with them."

Schindel declined requests for interviews following her departure, and Pickerington City Manager Bill Vance said he was not aware of her plans.

Vance noted Tourville follows former Human Resources Director Lynn Miller, who also moved on to Westerville in July 2015.

He also pointed to former Economic Development Director Joe Henderson, who left the city for the same position in Upper Arlington in October 2015, and said in each case the former employees moved on to larger cities after building portfolios in Pickerington.

"Those are all professional advancements and we're happy for those people," Vance said. "Those are communities with more populations and professional responsibilities."

Vance said Pickerington's "demanding, stream-lined organization" provides department heads with the ability "to gain a tremendous amount of professional experience due to an all-hands-on-deck organizational attitude."

He said Pickerington's "continual improvement, constant creation of citywide positive results and clear evidence of overall community success are how local government professional performances are graded."

As of Feb. 23, Vance said he hadn't decided how the city will seek to replace Schindel, but was confident Pickerington's commercial and residential markets would likely generate interest in the position.

At the time of her resignation, Schindel's annual salary was $85,832.93, and she was set to receive annual health benefits in the amount of $7,746.24.

As for the city engineer's position, Vance said he doesn't expect the position to be filled full time in the near future.

Rather, he said, the Pickerington City Council Service Committee has instructed him to provide a pool of private engineering firms that could serve the city on monthly retainers.

Tourville will receive an annual salary of $100,000 at Westerville, and he'll receive another $4,320 in annual automobile and smart phone allowances, according to Westerville's Human Resources Department.

In Pickerington, Tourville's annual salary was $101,780.22, and he received annual paid benefits that brought the total compensation package for his position to $125,015.58 per year.

Vance lauded Tourville for helping the city obtain the Refuge Road grant, as well as about $6 million in grants for the state Route 256 project. He also said Tourville, Mayor Lee Gray and council coordinated the city's ongoing, $1 million annual street paving program.

"All these things are extremely positive professional results that will be pointed to as such by Team Pickerington for years to come," Vance said.

Tourville said the state Route 256 and Refugee Road projects were among the highlights of his tenure.

"I think 256 turned out fairly well, and I am very proud of the work that went into educating the public during construction," he said. "I'm also proud of all the work that went into the design of Refugee Road;

"That will be a great project for the Pickerington community for years to come."