Since 2002, Grove City has been the home to the headquarters of the Grand Aerie Headquarters of the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

But the city has been without a local chapter. An effort is underway to re-start a Grove City chapter of the organization.

"The FOE is an organization that can do so much good in the local community," said Reynoldsburg resident Judy Curtis, who is leading the effort to get a Women's Auxiliary formed in Grove City. "A local chapter can hold fundraising efforts to support many good causes in the community."

Fundraisers are conducted for eight major charities, including kidney, heart, diabetes, cancer and spinal cord injury funds, a children's fund, memorial foundation and the Golden Eagle Fund, according to the organization's main website, It was founded in February 1898, with the women's auxiliary tracing its roots to 1927, according to the site.

Curtis has been a 30-year member of the auxiliary and is the state's new auxiliary chairwoman.

"My task is to help get new auxiliaries started in Ohio," she said.

Chilicothe resident and Eagles member Pat Anderson is leading the effort to recruit men and get a Grove City aerie re-established.

"We'll need to each get 50 people to sign up as new members to get the Grove City Eagles going again," Curtis said.

The former local aerie dissolved a year or two ago as members began dropping out or joining other chapters, she said.

"It's kind of shame not to have a chapter in the home city of the Grand Aerie Headquarters," Curtis said.

"When we have a state or national event and Eagles come to Grove City, there's no place locally for them to go. They have to find a chapter outside of the area to visit," she said.

Prospective members would be interviewed be a membership committee, Curtis said.

A new member must pay a one-time charter fee of $20 and annual dues are $30, she said.

The organization's year runs from June 1 through May 31, Curtis said.

"It would be great if we could get the new aerie and auxiliary up and running in time for the start of our new year in June, but that may be hard to do," she said. "We'd like to get it going within the next six years. Hopefully, we can compile a list of people who belonged to the old aerie and go from there."

Residents who live outside of Grove City can join a local chapter, Curtis said.

More information about the organization and membership is available at Anyone interested in joining can fill out a registration form to have a representative of the organization contact them.

Curtis said more information is also available by emailing her at judycurtis19 or Anderson at