The Gahanna Area Arts Council is hoping to ignite interest in its endeavors, which led to the name of its first public event.

Artists, writers, actors, musicians and anyone with any creativity are invited to attend "Ignite," the activity kickoff event, at 7 p.m. Saturday, March 3, at Jefferson Elementary School, 136 Carpenter Road.

Christian Peck, the council's communications chairman, said the event is for anyone who likes thinking creatively -- from accomplished artists to working musicians to people with self-expressive hobbies.

The council's mission is to connect and enrich the community through participation in and engagement with the arts.

"If you have ideas for the arts in our community, we need you," Peck said. "If you doodle in the margins or sing in the shower, you're in."

Peck said months of preparation have resulted in a number of programs the council is excited to share, as well as many ways to get involved.

"It's an open invitation to the whole community," said Kevin Dengel, council president.

"But the people who will enjoy it the most are probably the people who like to think creatively -- the idea people," he said.

Council secretary Juli Hess said artists tend to have unique viewpoints and often have really strong voices.

"Ignite is their first opportunity to be heard," she said.

"If you can't attend Ignite, there will certainly be other opportunities to get involved with the arts council," said Bob Bowers, council vice president. "But this is your chance to get involved on the ground floor."

The Ignite evening will be structured like an interactive TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talk.

"We've got some great speakers lined up to share their work, but there will be opportunities to share experiences and opinions with the group, too," Peck said. "We can't give all our surprises away, but if you like TED, you'll like this."

The program will last about two hours, but no one will be rushing the guests out if they would like to stay longer and chat, Peck said.

He said children also are invited to attend Ignite.

"Kids have some of the best, most creative ideas, and they tend to be fearless about sharing them," Peck said.

"But please keep in mind the event starts at 7 p.m., so if your kids are too young to sit through two hours or need to be in bed before 9, it's probably best that we meet them next time," Peck said.

Anyone who plans to attend is encouraged to sign up at