Picture this for a moment:

A joyful, innocent energy fills the small house as a family sings "Happy Birthday." It is evident they are not wealthy, but they are happy.

Suddenly, the mother reveals a surprise package for the birthday boy, Skippy. The gift is carefully wrapped with love and a purple ribbon hugging all sides.

Skippy prepares to open the surprise gift -- but the tax-collecting sheriff bursts through the door.

After a brief conversation with the imposing authority, Skippy opens his birthday present. "Oh, boy! One whole farthing," he exclaims.

That joy quickly is crushed as the sheriff callously takes the farthing as the family's tax payment. Tears well up in Skippy's eyes.

You might remember this scene from the 1973 Disney classic, "Robin Hood."

Although this sad moment quickly turns back to joy thanks to the film's namesake character, the cartoon so effectively communicates the concept of injustice.

Central Ohio has an incredible number of talented musicians. Angela Perley, MojoFlo and Mistar Anderson are just a few making noise in this vibrant music scene that surrounds us.


 It is a profound injustice that more people do not know this. I don't want central Ohio musicians to feel like Skippy.

I founded In The Record Store on Feb. 2, 2015, as a general music podcast with my good friend, Grant Gundlach. The podcast quickly expanded into a blog and quarterly magazine.

We are working very hard to make sure that more people "discover better music." In fact, it's our slogan.

I am excited that ThisWeek Community News recognizes the importance of central Ohio's music scene.

In The Record Store's writers will bring you weekly stories and songs from bands and artists who have dedicated themselves to making music inside Interstate 270 and beyond.

The first feature and accompanying podcast will drop next week, but right now you can listen to previous content from In The Record Store at ThisWeekNEWS.com/entertainment.

Be ready. We just put you in the front row of Columbus' show.

Vince Tornero is the captain -- in other words, "the boss" -- of In The Record Store, which he founded in 2015 to focus on central Ohio music discovery and involvement. Write to him at vince@intherecordstore.com.