Do you remember your own mother's phone number anymore? Your bestie's? Spouse or partner?

Heck no! Why bother when your smart phone knows where to find them, right?

We're on the cusp of it being that easy to find all of the members of German Village Society, too!

For lo these many, many years, the Society has printed a phone book of member contact information so neighbors can stay in touch, invite each other to activities on behalf of the neighborhood or parties on behalf of -- well -- of fun.

Starting with the earliest Society newsletters, which listed new members and where to find them, through the last printed Directory in 2016 -- the Society likes to keep our full slate of teammates in touch.

For this year's edition, we're going mobile.

The place where so many of us spend so many hours -- our smart device -- is going to have member access to the directory offered in a mobile-responsive version for the first time.

The digital directory will be password protected to shield your contact information.

You'll soon get notes from us on how to set up your password and how to access the digital directory from your smart device or computer.

You can thank the brilliance of neighbor Cathy Hunsinger for the breakthrough. Her company, Interplay Mobile Publishing, has helped us make the leap.

Cathy and I are in the same book club, and I was lamenting my long-standing wish to make the directory mobile -- but I couldn't find a cost-effective solution.

Well, Cathy had one. And, she has lovingly helped us get this first version just right for neighbors.

As a bonus, Cathy is also a member of German Village Society's GreenSpot Committee, where her co-members are feeling pretty good about this paper-saving measure.

Of course -- we'll still offer the print edition, but fewer copies.

Print will be available, alongside the download for the mobile, in April. Both are presented by German Village Insurance.

For now, if you're a member of German Village Society you'll get an email from us making sure we have your correct contact info. In that email, you can "opt out" of sharing your contact information in either the print and/or digital edition.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.