The Hilliard Division of Police continues to encourage parents and students to refrain from circulating threats on social media.

A March 9 post on the Hilliard police Facebook account referenced the recirculation of an alleged social-media threat made against Hilliard Memorial Middle School. ThisWeek requested the report from the original incident referenced by police but was told it was an "open" case.

The February threat "was determined to be unfounded," said Hilliard officer Hyda Slone.

She said March 9 people were adding false statements to the original post.

“We were concerned that good people may be breaking the law if something wasn’t posted quickly to stop the viral posts," Slone said.

She said some "reckless statements were treading very close to inducing panic," a charge levied against Andrew Wiggins, a 16-year-old Hilliard Darby High School student, for fabricating and spreading a false social-media threat against Darby.

Police are asking residents "to stop forwarding these types of statements and advised citizens to be careful of what they post and forward," Slone said. “Please contact our agency directly if you are concerned about a threat."