German Village and Columbus icon Sally Levy passed March 4, shocking a neighborhood full of friends and fans.

The German Village Meeting Haus and our social media has been flooded with sympathetic voices supporting each other and sharing Sally stories.

As Jeff Ruff shared on Facebook, "Sally Levy was one of the best. She just celebrated her birthday this past week. She always lied about her age since for her it was irrelevant. Thankfully I got to talk with her on her birthday -- it was always fun catching up."

Sally's family owned the Union Department Store. Sally was an entrepreneur and businesswoman -- and a true fashion maven -- known for her eyewear, often wearing multiples at once.

The German Village Society recognized Sally as the honorary chairwoman of the 2014 Haus und Garten Tour.

Sally has been a fixture in German Village ever since she settled permanently in the neighborhood in 1980.

In the three and a half decades since, Sally saw many changes to German Village, but one thing that remained constant was the people who live here.

As Sally put it in her award write-up, the community "puts its arms around you and gives you a big hug."

Sally's contributions to German Village over the years were numerous. She opened her gardens at two separate residences on Deshler for earlier Haus und Garten Tours, and volunteered many times at Oktoberfest.

She is perhaps best known for her parties and the numerous PreTour dinners she hosted and co-hosted over the years with themes as varied as China, bees and Pirates of the Caribbean. Of these and other activities, Sally proudly said she enjoyed it all.

"German Village will be so much less without her. Heartbreaking," said Heidi Drake, current German Village Society Board President Heidi Drake.

Maryellen Kahn posted to our Facebook page: "Steve and I are so fortunate she was our friend and neighbor.

"There was nobody quite like Sally! What a smart, caring and generous lady she was. We will miss sharing our latest novels, retelling stories about our neighborhood parties and her wise counsel. Our sympathy to her family."

Sally's daughter, Jill, also lives in German Village and I know all of our hearts in the neighborhood go out to her through this loss.

"Sally had style, grace and wit. It was always a pleasure to be in her company," said neighbor George Bosarge.

Becky Auer Sweeney wrote us: "A true German Village icon!"

I couldn't have said it better.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.