It was Jan. 10, 2017.

The subject line to my email was "Crazy Idea." Although the actual idea had made its way into my mind at least two years prior, this was the time I really put it into action.

Fast forward to March 21, 2018.

I was standing in a cold Cleveland warehouse with two strangers. We were looking at the five boxes that contain this "crazy idea." I used my keys to open one. There they were.

A flood of excitement and terror came over me as we loaded them into my car. As I gripped my steering wheel to make the drive back to Columbus, I also came to grips with this reality: The "crazy idea" isn't an idea anymore -- it's reality.

In The Record Store and Traxler Printing are excited to announce "2500 Summit Street" -- a 7-inch vinyl record and release show featuring the talents of Columbus bands.

All the songs on the record have been recorded exclusively for this project, which is limited to 500 copies.

During December 2017, I had the privilege of watching this vinyl record come alive inside a Grandview Heights recording studio.

I learned so much about the intense recording process. Musicians work so hard.

"2500 Summit Street" features exclusive songs by MojoFlo and Mistar Anderson on side A. On side B, we have covers by Zoo Trippin' and Damn the Witch Siren.

"It was really neat to see famous songs, like "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)," come alive in a unique, Columbus-like way.

As project manager for this venture, I added some "secret" personal touches.

When a vinyl record is created, it is assigned a "matrix number" -- a string of letters and numbers that help identify the record. It usually is etched near the center label on the vinyl.

The matrix number etched on every copy of "2500 Summit Street" includes my initials, my wife's initials and our wedding date.


Of course, this isn't the only special feature that is "hidden" on this record.

Even the name of the album references the address of the Used Kids Records store at 2500 Summit St. in Columbus. We did this because we wanted to weave the meaning of the vinyl back into the fabric of the city.

I want to thank every person who made this record a reality and invite you to our release show Saturday, April 21 (aka Record Store Day), at Ace of Cups, 2619 N. High St. in Columbus.

All the bands on this vinyl will play our show. Come out and see the "crazy idea" come alive.

For details, go to

Vince Tornero is the captain -- in other words, "the boss" -- of In The Record Store, which he founded in 2015 to focus on central Ohio music discovery and involvement. Write to him at