The National Weather Service will send a survey team to determine whether a tornado touched down in southern Grove City on Tuesday, April 3, during one of a series of storm fronts that moved through central Ohio, bringing heavy rains, high winds and, in some places, hail.

“We think a tornado did touch down. Fortunately, everybody is OK,” said Don Walters, public-information officer for Grove City.

A number of residents in Grove City reported seeing a large wall cloud before the initial storm. Walters said pictures and damage afterward suggest it might be a low-level tornado (EF-0 or EF-1). Or it could have been strong straight-line winds. That’s for the NWS crew to determine.

Damage including downed or damaged utility poles, wires and tree limbs was centered in the southern portion of Grove City and Jackson Township, near Grove City High School. An estimated 3,800 American Electric Power customers were without power from about Stringtown Road south on Hoover Road and in the residential subdivisions off either side of Hoover.

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