"We the People" are who make Bexley the amazing place we love to call home. Our community thrives because so many individuals are willing to volunteer their time and talents to celebrate our history and nurture our future.

Fun experiences created collaboratively by creative volunteers fill our shared memories with joy.

For years, the Bexley Celebrations Association has been charged with creating many of these memories. In an effort to not only raise funds and plan more efficiently, but kick up the fun Bexley style, the Bexley Celebrations Association and the Main Event are joining to become one group -- Bexley Celebrations & Events.

It seems appropriate that our merged group would decide that "We the People" should be the theme for the 2018 Fourth of July Parade. "We the People" of Bexley cooperate to achieve common goals. "We the People" of Bexley unite to forge new ideas. "We the People" of Bexley gather to celebrate our hard work.

Indeed, the reason why I am so proud to serve as the president of Bexley City Council is the people. In true Bexley style, our group will be keeping our traditions alive and "jazzing" them up as we go.

Speaking of jazz -- one of the new initiatives planned by Bexley Celebrations & Events this year is Jazz in the Park. Teaming up with the Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce and BexArts, we are busy planning a May afternoon of live music, food trucks and friends. Stay tuned for more information to come.

If you haven't already, subscribe to the Bexley Blast, the city's weekly e-newsletter. Go to bexley.org/blast and subscribe.

My heart does somersaults when I see families and friends interacting with one another at Bexley's large community events. I am certain that I will continue to enjoy that feeling thanks to the hard work and creative minds of our group's wonderful volunteers. I want to personally thank each and every volunteer who is making this merger possible for the city.

I am excited to serve as chairperson of the Main Event again this year. Councilman Tim Madison will continue to serve as the Evening Activities chairperson for the Fourth of July, and Katie Werkin is the Fourth of July Parade chairperson. Visit bexleycelebrations.org for more information about our events.

Please know that private contributions from residents help us to fund the fun. Check your mailboxes soon for your opportunity to contribute.

And, as always, reach out to me with questions, concerns, or suggestions. I'd love to chat. My email is lfeibel@bexley.org.

See you on the lawn, Bexley! Let the celebrations begin!

Lori Ann Feibel is president of Bexley City Council. She has been a council member since 2013.