As a follow up to the first two community meetings in its "Growing on Tradition" community planning process, the city of Grandview Heights is seeking additional community feedback.

The city has posted an online feedback tool at

It is also available at The survey will be available until August 15, 2018.

The online survey includes a chance for residents to respond to three questions regarding 13 city districts that each have a distinct character, development pattern or use.

Residents are asked to identify the successful businesses/uses/elements in each district, how each area could be enhanced or improved and how they see each area contributing to the civic life of the community in the year 2050.

The second portion of the survey presents an overall civic framework map for the city and asks respondents to review and provide comments on the map.

Residents also are invited to provide feedback they have regarding the ongoing process to develop a community plan and civic spaces and places plan.

The city has held two community meetings as part of its strategic planning process. More than 100 people attended the first meeting in April.

About 40 residents attended a meeting June 27, where they were able to give their feedback on the 13 districts that were identified using information gathered at the April meeting.

"We were delighted to see the continued participation from the community at the June 27 meeting," Mayor Ray DeGraw said. "These meetings, in conjunction with the online feedback tool, focus groups, and other engagement opportunities, will help provide a comprehensive view of the future for our community."

The online feedback tool, "will be the first online component of the planning process," Council President Greta Kearns said. "There were a few polls floating around, but this will be the first official online poll that is part of the planning process being conducted by the City.

"We want to stress we are still in the preliminary stages of the process and have not drilled down to any specific projects yet," Kearns said. "As a city, we want to ensure that we have fully absorbed the community's input, and with each exercise we are honing in on a shared vision for Grandview Heights."

McBride Dale Clarion is serving as consultant for the strategic planning process and NBBJ is helping lead the development of the civic spaces and places plan.