The Dublin City School District received an overall grade of B on its state report card, released Sept. 13, and although district officials generally are pleased with the results they said they believe there are inherent flaws in how the Ohio Department of Education measures certain data that can give a false impression about a district's or individual building's performance.

The report card assesses school districts in the state by issuing letter grades for a variety of student performance categories.

District Superintendent Todd Hoadley said the district is pleased with its B grade, however he said district officials believe methodology used to measure certain aspects are flawed.

As an example, district officials offered the scores for Eli Pinney Elementary School, a top-performing elementary school that received an F in the category of K-3 literacy.

Whereas the report card is based on standardized testing, the experiences Eli Pinney offers students goes beyond testing, said Principal Troy Ehrsam.

Pinney has about 750 students, and 21 of those students are identified by the report card as at-risk students in grades K-3, he said.

"We have supports in place for those students, and we have no doubt they will become on-track readers over time as they respond to the instruction and intervention designed here at Pinney," Ehrsam said.

Although Pinney received an F for K-3 literacy, all of the school's third-graders were promoted to the fourth grade based on state reading assessments, he said.

"It is unfortunate letter grades are assigned to complex calculations and the end results, (being our students are promoted to fourth grade) are secondary," Ehrsam said.

Hoadley said Dublin considers the state card as just one piece of data the district uses to critique its educational programming.

Educational areas such as art and music, for example, are not include on the state's card, but Hoadley said Dublin officials contend they are crucial for a well-rounded education.

Report card categories include achievement, which is based on students' state test performance; progress which assesses student growth based on past performance; gap closing, which assesses how well schools are meeting the needs of vulnerable students; graduation rate; which assesses the percent of students who finish high school; improving at-risk readers in grades K-3; and prepared for success, which assesses how well schools are preparing students for future opportunities.

Dublin earned a B in achievement, a C in progress, an A in gap closing, an A in graduation rate, a C in improving K-3 readers, and a B in prepared for success.

Report cards for all of Ohio's public schools are posted on