The Ohio Capital Conference has released its all-league baseball teams for the 2017 season.

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First Team

Cameron Kaiser, Olentangy (Player of the Year)

Caden Kaiser, Olentangy

Josh Moeller, Olentangy

Berto Carselle, Olentangy

Jason Schutte, Olentangy Orange

Tyler Brown, Olentangy Orange

Evan Ingram, Westerville Central

Sean Osborne, Westerville Central

Preston Stanley, Olentangy Liberty

Macguire George, Westerville North

Jaelen Gill, Westerville South

Coach of the Year: Ryan Lucas, Olentangy

Second Team

Jackson Blackstone, Westerville North

Josh Stover, Westerville North

Riley Bullock, Westerville Central

Dan Cellars, Westerville Central

Zack Stiteler, Olentangy Orange

Garrett O'Reilly, Olentangy Orange

Matt Poole, Olentangy Orange

Mitchell Okuley, Olentangy Liberty

Craig Lutwen, Olentangy Liberty

Nick Foy, Olentangy

Eric Edman, Westerville South

Special Mention

Joe Legin, Westerville North

Brad Robbins, Westerville South

Mitchell Milheim, Olentangy Liberty

Jake McIntyre, Olentangy

Honorable Mention

Jordan Orr, Westerville South

Camron Hubble, Westerville Central

Logan Moss, Olentangy Orange

Josh Houston, Westerville North

Logan Ketron, Olentangy

Connor Stewart, Olentangy Liberty


First Team

Austin Trace, Canal Winchester (Player of the Year)

Ryan Glauner, Canal Winchester

Luke Williamson, Canal Winchester

Henry von Hollen, Big Walnut

Austin Becker, Big Walnut

Cameron Wedekind, New Albany

Brandon DeHass, New Albany

Luis Pantoja, Groveport Madison

Zachary Ullom, Groveport Madison

Ryan Metcalf, Newark

Coach of the Year: Tyler Kuhn, Canal Winchester

Second Team

Nick Tiell, Canal Winchester

Kavian McMillan, Canal Winchester

Justin Cox, Canal Winchester

Parker Imertreijs, Big Walnut

Connor Gerren, Big Walnut

Logan McCalin, New Albany

Parker Thompson, New Albany

Les Fearing, Groveport Madison

Parker Emerine, Newark

Gaige Wallace , Franklin Heights

Special Mention

Dalton Cencebaugh, Canal Winchester

Noah Sprowls, Big Walnut

Matt Uhlenbrock, New Albany

Austin Snyder, Groveport Madison

Honorable Mention

Alex Reed, Canal Winchester

Colton Lee, Big Walnut

Alex Arenschield, New Albany

Logan Mayes, Groveport Madison

Chase Richardson, Newark

Darren Gammell, Franklin Heights


First Team

Cory Brooks, Hilliard Darby (Player of the Year)

Trent Castle, Thomas Worthington

Justin Fugitt, Hilliard Darby

Tyler Chumita, Hilliard Darby

Caleb Struewing, Thomas Worthington

Spencer Kiehl, Thomas Worthington

Tyler Lehman, Hilliard Bradley

Matt Magno, Dublin Scioto

Tyler Ward, Worthington Kilbourne

Sam Wilson, Dublin Jerome

Coach of the Year: Chris Fugitt, Hilliard Darby

Second Team

Joey Pischel, Thomas Worthington

Jack Rasmussen, Hilliard Bradley

Brayden Carter, Worthington Kilbourne

Rob Cope, Dublin Jerome

Mason Davis, Delaware Hayes

Brice Stultz, Hilliard Darby

Andy Caddas, Thomas Worthington

Trey Yoder, Hilliard Bradley

Ryan McDaniel, Worthington Kilbourne

Trent Belli, Dublin Jerome

Special Mention

Ben Gbur, Hilliard Darby

Clay Strausbaugh, Hilliard Darby

Vincent Armstrong, Thomas Worthington

Luis Ozoa, Hilliard Bradley

Honorable Mention

Chandler Barlow, Hilliard Darby

Bryson Creed, Hilliard Bradley

Dominic Byers, Delaware Hayes

Max Gregori, Worthington Kilbourne

Jake Schmidt, Dublin Scioto

Nick Kendig, Thomas Worthington

Collin Hannan, Dublin Jerome


First Team

Jake Shier, Hilliard Davidson

Carson Curnutte, Hilliard Davidson

Michael Ross, Marysville (Co-Player of the Year)

Noah Wiseman, Marysville

Marcus Ernst, Dublin Coffman

Cal Haefke, Dublin Coffman

Brandon Horsley, Upper Arlington (Co-Player of the Year)

Jack Hendrix, Upper Arlington

J.J. Carr, Central Crossing

Zach Mon, Westland

Coach of the Year: Justin Swallie, Hilliard Davidson

Second Team

Christian Sweet, Hilliard Davidson

Kyle Neimeister, Hilliard Davidson

Andrew Steele, Hilliard Davidson

Nate Snyder, Marysville

Tommy Dilz, Upper Arlington

Ethan Hammerberg, Upper Arlington

Andrew Mulwall, Upper Arlington

Trent Jester, Dublin Coffman

Ryan Traversa , Central Crossing

Nick Worthington, Westland

Special Mention

Sammy Sass, Upper Arlington

Jacob Wright, Marysville

Dylan Davis, Central Crossing

Nick Summers, Hilliard Davidson

Honorable Mention

Ben Wright, Hilliard Davidson

Joey Watts, Marysville

Charlie Fleming, Upper Arlington

Blake Baldridge, Dublin Coffman

Jordan Pilkington, Central Crossing

Garrett Lawson, Westland


First Team

A.J. Peter, Grove City (Player of the Year)

Nick Erwin, Grove City

Hayden Cartt, Grove City

Cael Baker, Gahanna Lincoln

Jackson Wolf, Gahanna Lincoln

Trenton Gillison, Pickerington Central

Tanner Griggs, Pickerington Central

Noah Dryden, Lancaster

Drew Salinas, Pickerington North

Darius Montero, Reynoldsburg

Coach of the Year: Ryan Alexander, Grove City

Second Team

Dan Rutan, Grove City

Colton Bauer, Grove City

Tristn Siemar, Grove City

Josh Oddi, Gahanna Lincoln

Jared White, Gahanna Lincoln

Matt Walters, Pickerington Central

Jacob Lott, Pickerington Central

Jaden Jones, Lancaster

Alec Bradbury, Pickerington North

Chandler McCroskey, Reynoldsburg

Special Mention

Logan Williams, Grove City

Mitchell Megias, Gahanna Lincoln

Dewayne Carter, Pickerington Central

Brock Vinci, Pickerington North

Avery Baker, Lancaster

Honorable Mention

Cole Antle, Grove City

Mason Coleman, Gahanna Lincoln

Trent Hager, Pickerington Central

Garrett Davis, Lancaster

Dillan Smith, Pickerington North

Chase Collins, Reynoldsburg