A sub-.500 week from Eric Frantz paved the way for Jeff Stevenson to take over the lead in the ThisWeek Sports Predictions panel.

“Took it on the chin last week,” said Frantz, managing editor of JJHuddle.com.

Frantz went 7-8 and Stevenson went 10-5 to improve to 80-40 overall, two games better than Frantz.

Lee Cochran also went 10-5 last week and is 75-35 overall and tied for third with Jarrod Ulrey, who went 6-9.

Andy Resnik (74-46 overall), Patrick Dolan (70-50) and Brad Emerine (62-58) also went 10-5. Emerine’s mark pushed him into a tie with Dave Pupura for the bottom spot.

Not to be overlooked and in the spirit of saving the best for last, Scott Hummel posted the week’s best mark at 11-5.

Enjoy Week 9!