A change in leadership within the ThisWeek Sports predictions panel occurred after the first week of the playoffs.

Eric Frantz, managing editor of www.JJHuddle.com, went 13-2 to take a three-game lead over last week’s leader, Jeff Stevenson, who went 9-6.

“I can’t believe Eric caught me,” Stevenson said.

No, he didn’t catch you; he passed you.

Stevenson was one of only two panelists who didn’t hit the 10-win mark with Scott Hummel being the other.

Don’t know if this is confidence in himself or the team, but Hummel boldly predicted that someone on the panel would have a perfect week of picks. He even went as far as to bet a can of soda on it. He never replied when asked to double down that it would be him.

Enjoy the second round of the playoffs!