The Ohio Capital Conference recently released its all-league football teams.

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First Team

Alek Downs, Westerville North

Jaelen Gill, Westerville South (co-Offensive Player of the Year)

Michael Mansaray, Westerville South

Johnny Wiseman, Olentangy Liberty (co-Offensive Player of the Year)

John Paolo, Olentangy Liberty

Ed Warinner, Olentangy Liberty

Mitchell Okuley, Olentangy Liberty

Troy Oehler, Olentangy Liberty

Nick Rosi, Olentangy Liberty

Ben Roderick, Olentangy Liberty

Zach Harrison, Olentangy Orange

Bryce Houston, Olentangy Orange (co-Defensive Player of the Year)

Luke Schmeling, Olentangy Orange

Nate Gadrim, Olentangy Orange

Jayden Rodgers, Olentangy Orange

Allen Smith, Westerville Central

Ashton Gilkey, Westerville Central

Ryan Hallinan, Westerville Central

Jacob Slade, Olentangy (co-Defensive Player of the Year)

Riley Bruening, Olentangy

Caden Kaiser, Olentangy

Zach Slade, Olentangy

Jacob Boyer, Westerville South

Grant Simon, Olentangy Orange

Coach of the Year: Steve Hale, Olentangy Liberty

Second Team

Jeremiah Burton, Westerville North

Bodi Bien, Westerville North

Tayon Howard Jr., Westerville South

Manny Powell, Westerville South

Michael McLemore, Westerville South

Matt Webb, Olentangy Liberty

Skylar Wahlund, Olentangy Liberty

Mitchell Kershner, Olentangy Liberty

Grant Wilson, Olentangy Liberty

Nick Paolo, Olentangy Liberty

Zane Fisher, Olentangy Orange

Jack Applegate, Olentangy Orange

Graham Starn, Olentangy Orange

Garrett Runyon, Olentangy Orange

Manny Anderson, Olentangy Orange

Bryson Gilmore, Westerville Central

Jacob Secrest, Westerville Central

Dontay Hunter, Westerville Central

Xavier Harrison, Olentangy

DeAnte Ables, Olentangy

Ali Iverson, Olentangy

Ethan Gates, Olentangy

Jacob Borcila, Westerville Central

Josh Petrone, Olentangy

Special Mention

Rodney Van Cleaf, Westerville North

Anthony Parham, Westerville South

Matt Keane, Olentangy Liberty

Jake Zinn, Olentangy Orange

Isaiah Healy, Westerville Central

Nathan Murphy, Olentangy

Honorable Mention

J.J. Harvey, Westerville North

Tyus Thompson, Olentangy Liberty

Maxwell Barber, Westerville South

Nathan Parker, Olentangy Orange

Jake Kreuzer, Westerville Central

Luke Riedel, Olentangy


First Team

Griffin Ranz, Newark

DeJuan Shackleford, Newark

Michiah Burton, New Albany

Jack Scharfe, New Albany

Will King, New Albany

Jametrius Yarbrough, New Albany

Logan Cook, New Albany

Jack Wilson, New Albany

Jalin Jackson, New Albany

Cody Little, Franklin Heights (co-Offensive Player of the Year)

Mikahl Mosley, Franklin Heights

Jaden Proffitt, Franklin Heights

Parker McGlothlin, Franklin Heights

Eli Myers, Big Walnut

Caleb Pierce, Big Walnut (co-Offensive Player of the Year)

Nathan Lawyer, Big Walnut

Tanner Daniels, Big Walnut

Colin White, Big Walnut

Abe Myers, Big Walnut

Luke Apple, Big Walnut

Deahmi Guinn, Groveport Madison

Angelo Hubbard, Canal Winchester (Defensive Player of the Year)

Darren Davis, Canal Winchester

Connor Marshall, Canal Winchester

Matt Kamer, Canal Winchester

Tyler Ronk, Big Walnut

Trevor Thompson, Canal Winchester

Coaches of the Year: Joe Weaver, Big Walnut; Pat Samanich, New Albany

Second Team

Luke Hampton, Newark

Samuel Madden, Newark

Shawn Keaser, Newark

Alex Smithers, New Albany

Luke Muter, New Albany

Ty Ward, New Albany

Zach Thomas, New Albany

Gabe Owusu-Antwi, New Albany

Kesean Reeves, Franklin Heights

Day’Myrin Jones, Franklin Heights

Jacob Slark, Franklin Heights

Jamacan Sizemore, Franklin Heights

Sam Elliott, Big Walnut

Curtis Bowmar, Big Walnut

Tyler Ronk, Big Walnut

Max Lenz, Big Walnut

Jackson Seiple, Big Walnut

Ricco Collins-Hayes, Groveport Madison

Jasiyah Robinson, Groveport Madison

Davon Wilson, Canal Winchester

Jack Beeler, Canal Winchester

Haden Hiser, Canal Winchester

Dez Turkson, Canal Winchester

Drake Burris, Canal Winchester

Zach Paragas, New Albany

Special Mention

Jade Batross, Newark

Billy Lee, New Albany

Chris Hampton, Franklin Heights

Trevor Shuster, Big Walnut

Tykel Hancock-Anderson, Groveport Madison

Nick Kulin, Canal Winchester

Honorable Mention

Louie Cook, Newark

Jack Irvine, New Albany

Michael Leitz, Franklin Heights

Josh Hageman, Big Walnut

Te-Rah Edwards, Groveport Madison

Jared Bulluck, Canal Winchester


First Team

Josh Stewart, Hilliard Bradley

Daevon Anderson, Hilliard Bradley (Offensive Player of the Year)

Adam McCardle, Hilliard Bradley

Cannon Blauser, Hilliard Bradley (Defensive Player of the Year)

Zach Hummel, Hilliard Bradley

Kory Taylor, Hilliard Bradley

Jacob Jones, Dublin Scioto

Jaden Penn, Dublin Scioto

Jeremy Erickson, Dublin Scioto

Khalil Jones, Thomas Worthington

Thomas Wilson, Worthington Kilbourne

Kaleb Dave, Worthington Kilbourne

Glenn Pauley, Delaware Hayes

Robert Cope, Dublin Jerome

Scott Sonnanstine, Dublin Jerome

Dalton Kagy, Dublin Jerome

Cade Kacherski, Dublin Jerome

Steven Tejeda, Dublin Jerome

Ian Coverstone, Hilliard Darby

Jacob Cover, Hilliard Darby

Donta Ashcraft, Hilliard Darby

Bobbie Lewis, Hilliard Darby

Jacob Castro, Hilliard Bradley

Coach of the Year: Mike LoParo, Hilliard Bradley

Second Team

Cole Komlosi, Hilliard Bradley

Obi Igwe, Hilliard Bradley

Jack Rondy, Hilliard Bradley

Danny Vazquez, Hilliard Bradley

Nick Hopper, Dublin Scioto

Deron Pulliam, Dublin Scioto

Devon Williams, Dublin Scioto

Layne Burns, Thomas Worthington

Josh Keese, Thomas Worthington

Elijah Young, Worthington Kilbourne

Ryan Wesolowski, Worthington Kilbourne

Tyler Ward, Worthington Kilbourne

Braden Donges, Delaware Hayes

Matt Leder, Hilliard Darby

Tommy Clark, Hilliard Darby

Taj Long, Hilliard Darby

Grant Hollinger, Hilliard Darby

Jackson Harris, Dublin Jerome

Cam Craig, Dublin Jerome

Ryan Keys, Dublin Jerome

Cole Albright, Dublin Jerome

Aaron Hampshire, Hilliard Darby

Blake Sawicki, Hilliard Darby

Special Mention

Patrick Day, Hilliard Bradley

Trey Warner, Hilliard Bradley

Kyron Rogers, Dublin Scioto

Dijahn Davis, Thomas Worthington

Michael McQuade, Worthington Kilbourne

Isaiah Moore, Delaware Hayes

Paul Dillion, Hilliard Darby

Hayden Schell, Dublin Jerome

Honorable Mention

Chris Mayfield, Hilliard Bradley

Eric Holsinger, Dublin Scioto

Nick Kendig, Thomas Worthington

Roen McCullough, Worthington Kilbourne

Todd Toney, Delaware Hayes

Nick Wile, Hilliard Darby

Trey Ballengee, Dublin Jerome


First Team

Jeslord Boateng, Dublin Coffman

Cole Bagozzi, Dublin Coffman

Luke Crabtree, Dublin Coffman

Darius Cummings, Dublin Coffman

Griffin Hoak, Dublin Coffman (co-Player of the Year)

Kaleb Holcomb, Dublin Coffman

Danny Kinzler, Dublin Coffman

Josh Rushin, Upper Arlington

Dante Landolfi, Upper Arlington (co-Player of the Year)

Nick Cipriano, Upper Arlington

Nick Fisanick, Upper Arlington

Ousmane Dabo, Westland (co-Player of the Year)

Stephen Shamhart, Marysville

Thomas Rush, Marysville (co-Player of the Year)

Mike Powers, Marysville

Walker Heard, Marysville

Sam Backenstoe, Hilliard Davidson

Evan Annis, Hilliard Davidson

Ben Wright, Hilliard Davidson

Jon Stull, Hilliard Davidson

Ethan Royer, Hilliard Davidson

Aaron Reasoner, Central Crossing

Owen Lakso, Central Crossing

Kameron Peck, Central Crossing

Bobby Logan, Central Crossing

Ben Krimm, Upper Arlington

Jordan Drye, Dublin Coffman

Coach of the Year: Mark Crabtree, Dublin Coffman

Second Team

Marcus Ernst, Dublin Coffman

Sam Hackett, Dublin Coffman

Ryan Hamilton, Dublin Coffman

Max Koehler, Dublin Coffman

Cam Scott, Dublin Coffman

Scott Raber, Upper Arlington

Jackson Ness, Upper Arlington

Matt Hoke, Upper Arlington

Jud Utgard, Upper Arlington

Trent Bott, Westland

Anthony Widen, Westland

Tyler Bates, Marysville

Tyler Connolly, Marysville

Sam Essig, Marysville

Tayden Jackson, Marysville

Christian Sweet, Hilliard Davidson

David May, Hilliard Davidson

Davis Sell, Hilliard Davidson

A.J. VanVoorhis, Hilliard Davidson

Jah’von Lynch, Hilliard Davidson

Daniel Ewald, Central Crossing

Tirese Kelso, Central Crossing

Keason Lowe, Central Crossing

Daquan Taynor, Central Crossing

Jon Tiegler, Central Crossing

Jackson Lightfoot, Hilliard Davidson

Seth Carrier, Hilliard Davidson

Special Mention

A.J. Kirk, Dublin Coffman

Dylan Lewis, Upper Arlington

Soriba Kaba, Westland

Ethan Smegal, Marysville

Kalib O’Connor, Hilliard Davidson

Honorable Mention

Gavin Sturdivant, Dublin Coffman

Sammy Sass, Upper Arlington

Geno Sekura, Westland

Sean Brogan, Marysville

Jordan Hicks, Hilliard Davidson

Pierre France, Central Crossing


First Team

Elijah Ratliff, Reynoldsburg

Joe Boggs, Reynoldsburg

Dezmon Cooper, Reynoldsburg

Mershawn Rice, Reynoldsburg

Xavier Henderson, Pickerington Central (Co-Player of the Year)

Jeremiah Wood, Pickerington Central

Trenton Gillison, Pickerington Central

Grey Brancifort, Pickerington Central

Terry Simuel, Pickerington Central

DeWayne Carter, Pickerington Central

Trey Madison, Pickerington Central

Jimmy Weirick, Pickerington North (Co-Player of the Year)

Nick Giardina, Pickerington North

Tyler Potts, Pickerington North

Alex Williams, Pickerington North

Ty Wiley, Pickerington North

Devin Dukes, Grove City

Justus Harris, Gahanna Lincoln

Karter Johnson, Gahanna Lincoln

Mike Lowery, Gahanna Lincoln

Shea Goss, Lancaster

Spencer Smith, Lancaster

Tristan Peppers, Pickerington Central

Gabe Philhower, Reynoldsburg

Coach of the Year: Jay Sharrett, Pickerington Central

Second Team

Jay Amburgey, Reynoldsburg

Guy Cowans-Wright, Reynoldsburg

Camby Goff, Reynoldsburg

D’Lacey Bass, Reynoldsburg

Brody Egan, Pickerington Central

Brandon Wilson, Pickerington Central

Alex Morgan, Pickerington Central

Demeatric Crenshaw, Pickerington Central

Tyler Poe, Pickerington Central

Ben Johnson, Pickerington North

Que Davis, Pickerington North

Eli Davis, Pickerington North

Devin Snyder, Pickerington North

Sam Glover, Pickerington North

Patrick Eanes, Grove City

Kingston McKinstry, Grove City

Jerome Buckner, Gahanna Lincoln

David Miller, Gahanna Lincoln

David Williams, Gahanna Lincoln

Vince Albertini, Lancaster

Brendon Harris, Lancaster

Nick Scott, Lancaster

Curtis Young, Lancaster

Cameron Cubra, Pickerington Central

Special Mention

Princeton Hoskins, Reynoldsburg

Tyler Foster, Pickerington North

Emmanuel Adams, Pickerington Central

Cameron Lowther, Grove City

LaCarr Trent, Gahanna Lincoln

Nate Weber, Lancaster

Honorable Mention

Ke’Shun Moorer, Reynoldsburg

Jack Sawyer, Pickerington North

Jalen Mitchell, Pickerington Central

D.J. Gatewood, Grove City

Justin Green, Gahanna Lincoln

D.J. Pearson, Lancaster