The Mid-State League recently released its all-league football teams.

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First Team

Zachary Conkins, Teays Valley

Joshua Feyh, Teays Valley

Blaze Beane, Teays Valley

Brandon Coleman, Teays Valley (Back of the Year)

Taylor Robinson, Teays Valley

Dalton Covell, Amanda-Clearcreek

Brayden Neff, Amanda-Clearcreek

Adam Sites, Amanda-Clearcreek

Will Riffle, Amanda-Clearcreek

Nick McConnaughey, Bloom-Carroll

Fisher Jones, Bloom-Carroll

Otto Kuhns, Bloom-Carroll

Colin Woodside, Fairfield Union (Lineman of the Year)

Jared Porter, Fairfield Union

Zach Shinn, Fairfield Union

Isaac Miller, Circleville

Evan Justice, Circleville

Cory Cline, Circleville

Eric Bonte, Hamilton Township

Drysten Crallie, Hamilton Township

Hunter Hopkins, Logan Elm

Brett Carson, Teays Valley

Second Team

Tanner Bowling, Teays Valley

Anastacio Rodriguez, Teays Valley

Riely Weiss, Teays Valley

Eric Yates, Teays Valley

Adjrain Settler, Teays Valley

Noah Smith, Amanda-Clearcreek

Jayse Miller, Amanda-Clearcreek

Hunter Teagardner, Amanda-Clearcreek

Frankie Williams, Bloom-Carroll

Blake Wickline, Bloom-Carroll

Nick Wing, Bloom-Carroll

Nate Wolfe, Bloom-Carroll

Spencer Conrad, Fairfield Union

John LaRock, Fairfield Union

Tyler Wolfe, Fairfield Union

Seth Risner, Circleville

Brad Henry, Circleville

Gannon Foster, Hamilton Township

Tristan Kieffer, Hamilton Township

Gage Harrow, Logan Elm

Seth Thomas, Logan Elm

Honorable Mention

Sammuel Fabbro, Teays Valley

Sawyer Kohl, Teays Valley

Dylan Pennington, Teays Valley

Riley McClure, Amanda-Clearcreek

Trent Holbrook, Amanda-Clearcreek

Schuyler Boyer, Amanda-Clearcreek

Mason Mayberry, Bloom-Carroll

Niko Kausky, Bloom-Carroll

Josh Evans, Bloom-Carroll

Mathew Prysock, Fairfield Union

Keatyn Boyle, Fairfield Union

William Ogg, Fairfield Union

Robert Honeycutt, Circleville

Ben Davis, Circleville

Gabe Evans, Circleville

Malcolm Denny, Hamilton Township

Raymon Patton, Hamilton Township

Kaveon Ross, Hamilton Township

Evan Valentine, Logan Elm

Rylan Stevens, Logan Elm

Bowen McConahay, Logan Elm


First Team

Daniel Bangura, Harvest Prep (Back of the Year)

Isaiah Mullens, Harvest Prep (co-Lineman of the Year)

Savon Mitchel, Harvest Prep

Zion Bangura, Harvest Prep

Nick Tyree-Martin, Harvest Prep

Derek Kunkler, Zanesville Rosecrans (co-Lineman of the Year)

Jack Nash, Zanesville Rosecrans

Hudson Moore, Zanesville Rosecrans

Carter Dosch, Zanesville Rosecrans

Jacob Ricker, Berne Union

Joey Muncie, Berne Union

Brody Weidner, Berne Union

Chaz Dickerson, Berne Union

Joe Seifert, Worthington Christian

Galen Cox, Worthington Christian

Michael Hartings, Worthington Christian

Brett Baker, Grove City Christian

Koby Brunney, Grove City Christian

Blake Spitler, Grove City Christian

Isaac Butts, Millersport

Darren Harkins, Millersport

Jarred Walker, Fairfield Christian

Caleb Collins, Fairfield Christian

Logan Loy, Fisher Catholic

Will McCrea, Worthington Christian

Second Team

Elijah Rogers, Harvest Prep

Richard Turnbo, Harvest Prep

Jeffrey Ray, Harvest Prep

Moses Davis, Harvest Prep

Makyle Goins, Harvest Prep

Matt Applegate, Zanesville Rosecrans

Andrew Church, Zanesville Rosecrans

Dalton Proctor, Zanesville Rosecrans

Sean Trebb, Zanesville Rosecrans

David Reed, Berne Union

Zane Mirgon, Berne Union

Tyler Householder, Berne Union

Braden Anderson, Worthington Christian

Luke Sharp, Worthington Christian

Michael King, Worthington Christian

Jacob Stoneking, Grove City Christian

Zach Frank, Grove City Christian

Steven Berry, Millersport

Kolton Klowes, Millersport

Will Cassidy, Millersport

Jacob Hasl, Fairfield Christian

Christian Bates, Fairfield Christian

Keegan Christie, Fisher Catholic

Nick Janita, Fisher Catholic

Honorable Mention

Andrew Howes, Harvest Prep

Jannai French, Harvest Prep

Rassaun Solis-Harris, Harvest Prep

Andrew Nash, Zanesville Rosecrans

Nick Losco, Zanesville Rosecrans

Cam Hagy, Zanesville Rosecrans

Dakota Justice, Berne Union

Jeremiah Wolfenbarger, Berne Union

Chase McCartney, Berne Union

Braedon Mullins, Worthington Christian

Ajai Smith, Worthington Christian

Danny Myers, Worthington Christian

Alex Schuler, Grove City Christian

Christian Lautenschleger, Grove City Christian

Connor Maxwell, Grove City Christian

Khris Blauser, Millersport

Chase Nelson, Millersport

Hayden Skipper, Millersport

Nolan Blowers, Fairfield Christian

David Forbes, Fairfield Christian

Cameron Letner, Fairfield Christian

Derick Bowman, Fisher Catholic

Christian Gaul, Fisher Catholic

Connor Swartz, Fisher Catholic


First Team

Herman Moultrie, Columbus Academy

Josh Pearson, Columbus Academy

Dorrian Moultrie, Columbus Academy

Sam Massick, Columbus Academy

Jacob Jones, London (Lineman of the Year)

K.J. Price, London (Back of the Year)

Bricker Thiel, London

Jimmy Dulin, London

Raymell Byrd, Whitehall-Yearling

Keon Freeman, Whitehall-Yearling

Ryan Redifer, Whitehall-Yearling

Rasheed Muhammad, Whitehall-Yearling

James Lachey, Grandview Heights

Brandon Spaulding, Grandview Heights

Luke Lachey, Grandview Heights

Austin Grover, Liberty Union

Mark Opperman, Liberty Union

Grant Robinson, Bexley

Miller Kronk, London

Second Team

Matt Saling, Columbus Academy

John Schiano, Columbus Academy

Matt Schiano, Columbus Academy

Dalyn DeCree, Columbus Academy

Josh Handley, London

Trent Hart, London

Haden Huff, London

Justin Portman, London

Tyjuan Childers, Whitehall-Yearling

Isaiah Oney, Whitehall-Yearling

Kendall Nesbitt, Whitehall-Yearling

Assante Ndongo, Whitehall-Yearling

Luke Sterneker, Grandview Heights

Jack Wallace, Grandview Heights

Matt Kennedy, Grandview Heights

Brent McClure, Liberty Union

Colton Miller, Liberty Union

Mason Remeis, Bexley

Anthony Welsh, Bexley

Honorable Mention

Davis Friedman, Columbus Academy

Deven Cobb, Columbus Academy

Chris Boyle, Columbus Academy

Dallas Kimbler, London

Brandon Leach, London

Jalen Russell, London

Christian Gordon, Whitehall-Yearling

Kelvin Jacobs, Whitehall-Yearling

O.C. Wellman, Whitehall-Yearling

Harrison Morosky, Grandview Heights

Trey Cook, Grandview Heights

Charlie James, Grandview Heights

Jackson Smith, Liberty Union

Cole Peardon, Liberty Union

Wyatt Sims, Liberty Union

Tyler Mitchell, Bexley

Ethan Gammage, Bexley

Patrick Beck, Bexley