Swim and Racquet Club used depth and balance to repeat as champion of the Suburban Swim Club League meet July 10 in its home pool.

The Seadogs won 35 of the 66 combined events between the junior division (10-and-younger) and senior division (11-and-older) to accumulate 3,841 points and roll past the Hilliard Marlins (2,678), Olentangy Tornadoes (2,000), Annehurst Piranhas (1,460) and Grandview Gators (1,094).

Swim and Racquet Club won 11 of 20 relays and 24 of 46 individual titles.

"We didn't have more than a handful of kids who won two or more individual events because of our depth, which showed in the relays," coach Lauren Wallace said. "We've got a lot of very quality swimmers, which is our goal as a club. So I couldn't be more proud."

In the morning session, the Seadogs totaled 1,576 points in the junior division to build a lead over Hilliard (1,091), Olentangy (933), Annehurst (495) and Grandview (238).

They pulled away with a strong effort in the senior division during an afternoon session that included a weather delay of about 40 minutes. The Seadogs won the senior division with 2,265 points, topping Hilliard (1,587), Olentangy (1,067), Annehurst (965) and Grandview (856).

Standouts included Blaine Huddleston (11-12 age group), Riley Huddleston (13-14) and Kendra Sheehan (15-18) on the girls side and Grant Kennedy (13-14) on the boys side.

Riley Huddleston won the 50-yard freestyle (27.62 seconds), 50 backstroke (31.88), 50 butterfly (30.4) and 100 individual medley (1:09.81), and Sheehan won the 50 free (29.08), 50 back (32.13), 50 fly (31.4) and 100 IM (1:11.26).

Sheehan is a recent Upper Arlington High School graduate who competed in the Division I state meet for the Golden Bears and also competes for UA Swim Club. She will compete for Ohio University.

"This is so sentimental for me," she said. "This is where I learned to swim and this was the last go-around to compete for UA. I've met so many people here and it's so fun to see some of the younger kids and how they've improved just during this season alone. So while I'm super excited about going to OU, today was a little bittersweet for me."

Wallace said it's typical that kids find their way back to compete with Swim and Racquet Club.

"That's pretty much a staple of the way things go and it makes us so proud," she said. "They go to higher-level clubs, but they take pride in coming back to represent Swim and Racquet. It's the pool they grew up in for the most part."

Blaine Huddleston won the 50 back (35.55), 50 fly (33.12) and 100 IM (1:15.52) and joined Hayden Hollingsworth, Lizzie Oliphant and Sophia Barger on the first-place 100 medley relay (2:18.87).

Kennedy was first in the 50 free (26.92), 50 back (32.13) and 50 fly (28.19) and joined Thomas Ray, Joe Miller and Patrick Ray on the winning 200 free relay (1:54.58).

Winning titles in the breaststroke in 25-yard races were Ella Foss (26.78) in girls 8-and-younger and Jackson Dodge (21.21) in boys 9-10, and winning at 50 yards were Barger (39.76), Oliver Hulse (38.27) in boys 11-12 and Emma Schueler (37.81) in girls 15-18. Winning in the 50 back were Reid Caswell (35.34) in boys 11-12 and Alec Caswell (30.17) in boys 15-18.

Other individual winners were Kate Hulse in the girls 8-and-younger 25 free (20.67), Oliphant in the 50 free (30.12) and Riley Hollingsworth in the 25 fly (17.19).

Swim and Racquet also won relay titles in the girls 8-and-younger 100 free (1:36.17), girls 9-10 200 free (2:27.26) and 100 medley (1:17.43), boys 9-10 200 free (2:50.12) and 100 medley (1:15.04), boys 11-12 100 medley (2:23.43), girls 15-18 200 free (2:12.27) and 200 medley (2:24.6) and boys 15-18 200 free (1:47.15).

In the diving meet July 11, the Seadogs won (457) ahead of Hilliard (352), Olentangy (87) and Grandview (51). Annehurst had no divers.

The junior divers totaled 276 points to finish ahead of Hilliard (144), Grandview (42) and Olentangy (13), while the senior Seadogs finished second (181) behind Hilliard (208) and ahead of Olentangy (74) and Grandview (9).

Winning titles for the girls were Merin Shell (140.4) in 13-14 and Ashton Mumaw (82.05) in 9-10. Shell edged teammate Nora Boyer (139.75).

Winning for the boys were Jack Boyle (80.25) in 9-10 and Eli Ardela (51.8) in 8-and-younger.

Morelli, Wenclewicz, Knight lead Marlins

The Marlins, who won SSCL titles in 2015 and 2016, finished second for the second consecutive season.

But that didn't dampen their day, according to coach Jeff Williams.

"The kids were energized and proud to represent Hilliard, each other and their families and that's such a rewarding thing when they take so much pride into the pool," he said. "We truly have an amazing family atmosphere and that comes from terrific families. They showed up and competed against great central Ohio competition.

"Our kids just got in and raced and I love that. It's such a short six-week season and then we had three meets canceled due to bad weather. So to see the amount of improvement the kids made in such an unusual season makes me proud."

Luke Morelli, Laken Wenclewicz and Sammy Knight led Hilliard in scoring.

Competing in boys 11-12, Morelli won the 50 free (30.31), 50 fly (32.66) and 100 IM (1:17.26) and joined Jake Wood, Evan Ringger and Cade Sladek on the winning 200 free relay (2:13.13).

In girls 8-and-younger, Wenclewicz won the 25 back (21.59) and 25 fly (21.15) and joined Magdalena Ray, Kiera Powers and Riley Laymon on the first-place 100 medley relay (1:35.38).

Knight finished first in the 9-10 girls 50 free (34.01) and 25 back (18.43). In boys 9-10, Eli Lombardo won the 50 free (34.12) and Michael Vertikoff won the 25 fly (17.5).

In girls 11-12, Avery Peltcs, Addison Johanssen, Sammy Sims and Neve Murray won the 200 free relay (2:11.89).

In boys 13-14, Jason Peck won the 100 IM (1:05.48), Owen Johanssen won the 50 breast (37.66) and both were on the first-place 200 medley relay (2:12.1) with Ben Bartels and Jake Baxendall.

Also winning was the 13-14 girls 200 free relay (2:10.3) of Maddy Taylor, Madison Wester, Morgan Morcher and Ava Riley.

The Marlins also had 11 runner-up finishes in swimming.

In girls diving, winning titles were Emma Conrad (156.15) in 15-18, Bailee Sturgill (178.1) in 11-12 and Autumn Cline (58.2) in 8-and-younger. Hayden Apel was second (207.9) in boys 15-18.

Malouf brothers among Tornadoes standouts

The Tornadoes won seven events and finished second in eight others.

For the boys, Drew Malouf won the 25 back (22.9) and 25 fly (22.89) and was on the second-place 8-and-younger 100 medley relay (1:36.2) with Owen Baker, Thomas Dobozy and Cameron Caldwell. Baker won the 25 free (18.76) and Dobozy was first in the 25 breast (28.51).

"The kids had a blast and exceeded expectations," coach Carolyn Ziliak said. "I was super pleased. They had an awesome year. We had so many kids swim well."

In 9-10 boys, Jonathan Malouf was first in the 25 back (18.75) and second in the 25 fly (17.61), and Eddie Campion was second in the 50 free (35.22).

Alex Wisler won the 50 breast (33.27) in 15-18 and joined Tyler Stoltman, Andrew Gehring and Jack McDonnell on the winning 200 medley relay (1:59.84). Stoltman also was second in the 50 back (31.7).

In 11-12 boys, Noah Rumburg was second in the 50 back (38.07) and was on the runner-up 200 medley relay (2:37.63) with Collin Singer, Sam Sheets and Stephan Dawit.

In the 13-14 group, the girls 200 medley relay of Isabella Sutton, Meggie Gehring, Amanda Jones and Siena Madsen was second (2:30.84), as was the boys 200 medley relay (2:31.5) of Connor Kilrain, Jaxon Hollister, Charlie Ziliak and Isaac Wolfe.

The boys won three diving titles as Kelan Huffman (226.1) was first in 15-18, Gunnar Carleson (132.5) was first in 13-14 and Will Sullivan (150.4) was first in 11-12.

Gutman, Stacey account for four Piranahs wins

Michael Gutman won two of Annehurst's seven titles and Maeve Stacey also was a part of two wins.

In boys 15-18, Gutman finished first in the 50 free (24.79) and 50 fly (26.7) and joined Luke Gutman, Mason Crow and Caleb Baker on the second-place 200 medley relay (2:04.3). Baker was first in the 100 IM (1:04.48) and third in the 100 fly (27.54).

Stacey won the 50 breast (36.61) in girls 13-14 and joined Allie Kotik, Caroline Bowling and Gwen Stacey on the first-place 200 medley relay (2:25.93). Roan Stacey won the 25 breast (19.1) in 9-10 girls and was on the second-place 100 medley relay (1:26.94) with Tatum Randall, Ciena Lytus and Daisy McFarland.

In 8-and-younger boys, the 100 free relay of James Westenbarger, Asher Pinto, Joseph Zuber and Luca Francisco finished first (1:29.28), Francisco was runner-up in the 25 breast (28.7) and Westenbarger was third in the 25 fly (29.59).

In girls 15-18, Emma Secrest was second in the 50 back (34.93) and third in the 50 fly (33.52) and was on the runner-up 200 medley relay (2:30.76) with Taylor Fletcher, Lauryn Chapman and Renae Miller.

Jack Secrest placed third in the 50 back (37.82) in boys 13-14.

Furbee, Ferguson fuel Gators' finish

Calvin Furbee finished second in the boys 15-18 50 free (25.29) and 50 fly (27.32) to lead the Gators, who did not have an event winner.

Phoebe Ferguson was second in the girls 13-14 100 IM (1:11.46).

"We have a young team with the majority ... being 10 or younger," coach Susan Ferguson said. "We had a lot of personal-best (times) and some of our few older kids had real good swims. I'm really pleased with how our younger kids improved. We had two (recent graduates) come back and help us on the boys side in Calvin Furbee and Andrew Bergmann, so we were thankful for that."

Also finishing second were the boys 9-10 200 free relay (3:06.97) of Teddy Murphy, Andrew Rowland, Orson Pryszczewski and Geert Fischer, the girls 11-12 200 medley relay (2:39.73) of Rhiannon Root, Zoe Nielsen, Carrie Furbee and Megan Urig and the girls 15-18 200 free relay (2:13.37) of Nina Burchfield, Sarah Kauffman, Martina Moncolova and Adelle Bechtel.

Placing third were Bechtel in the 50 free (30.6), Moncolova in the 50 back (35.11), Charlie Ferguson in the boys 15-18 50 breast (35.23) and Mira Bondy in the girls 8-and-younger 25 fly (24.73).

Claire Grime, one of just three divers for Grandview, had the Gators' top finish by placing fourth (43) in girls 8-and-younger.