A big thank you to Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein for the introduction of The Beat's new blog at ThisWeekNews.com.

Full disclosure: We have long felt, as a member of the aging and increasingly grumpy pre-Web generation, that blogs were an exercise in vanity, the blogosphere full of people full of themselves. And now look at us. Right smack in the middle of the whole thing. If our name was Sylvester and we had a young kitten-son, we're sure he would be wearing a paper sack over his head. "Oh, the shame of it."

So we're going to have some fun with this thing - sort of an extension of the personality of The Beat in our weekly print edition. It will provide the opportunity to share up-to-date information, opinions and random thoughts. To kick things off, we'd like to address a question that, in the nine-plus years we've been doing The Beat, gets asked more than any other. (Well, almost any other, but more on that later.)

"How do you rank your Fab Five?"

The answer is, we don't. Sure, we have to make decisions what we write about and what we don't, but once into the Fab Five (or 10), there's no ranking. It's all done chronologically, using a simple tool like a calendar. So there. One mystery unraveled.