With the Broadway smash "Wicked" touring to Columbus next month, The Beat has been reviewing the cast recording. We've never been a huge show tune sort, but good music is good music. And "Wicked" is chock full of it. We can't get "Defying Gravity" out of our head. Folks in the office may begin to wonder what's with all the humming and dramatic arm gestures. (Use the comment feature to share your favorite(s) from "Wicked.") We'll plan to spend a later post on Stephen Schwartz, who did the music and lyrics.

As big a hit as this will surely make tickets scarce. The Columbus run is June 20-July8. Tickets went on sale May 3.

Speaking of defying gravity, Cirque Du Soleil's Corteo has added more shows, and is now playing under the blue and yellow tent on the Ohio Expo Center grounds through June 10.