Last summer Mrs. Gourmand and I enjoyed most of a week with GourmandMom in Currituck, and then most of a week with GourmandDad in St. Pete.

In between, we spent the day in Charleston, and man, if you're ever in Charleston, you want to go to the Hominy Grill. It's a mile or two from the historic town, in a modest, rebuilding area reminiscent of Columbus' Old Towne. Across the street from it is a ritzy place like Lindey's: crowded, expensive, pretentious and tired.

Hominy Grill is more like Nancy's, with three times as many tables and, well, like Nancy's would be if it were in the Short North. But man, will it make your mouth water. It's making the Gourmand's mouth water like a 14-year-old labrador's, even as we speak. Check out their May newsletter, which makes the Gourmand glad he signed the list.