The Beat recently had a conversation in which a Critic Crony opined that anyone who complains there's nothing to do in Columbus has to be actively not looking. Of course, we've been saying this for years - it's our job, for Pete's sake. The conversation was regarding top-quality, professional arts and entertainment, but the point was driven home again this weekend, albeit with The Beat wearing the ultimate homer cap.

The Beat's nine-year-old daughter participated in her dance school's year-end recital Saturday, a two-part event featuring young women (and a couple young men) from preschool through high school. If you've ever witnessed such a performance, you know that the little ones steal the show, but The Beat is ever impressed with the ability of these kids, especially the high-school age dancers. We have no idea whether these dancers have visions of Broadway, but that's not the point.

The point is, community-level arts like this can be found close to home, no matter where your home is. (This post didn't start out a blatant self-promotion, but check out your home community's page at if you don't believe us.) Schools, churches, community art leagues and associations and all sort of volunteer ensembles are so prevalent, that, in our Crony's words, "you'd have to be actively not looking" for it not to find it.

A side note: The Beat's brother, on the way to the recital, began quoting Run D.M.C.'s 20-year-old rap "It's Tricky," which opens "This is my recital..." While perusing the program, we noticed a selection titled "Tricky." We informed our brother that, if this were, in fact, set to the very Run D.M.C. tune he was quoting, we would punch him. He got punched.