It's all over but the voting - although we suppose that's over, too. Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis. Who gets it? It was an interesting final night of competition on American Idol, pitting the natural performer against the natural singer. (Wow, we hate to oversimplify, but isn't that the case?)

Defining "idol" can be tricky. The Beat thinks Melinda Doolittle missed out on the finals because it isn't just a singing competition. Being an "idol" is more than just being the best singer. It's about entertaining, about having a look, a presence. Not that singing isn't important... See what we mean about it being difficult to define?

No predictions from The Beat. We're never right about this stuff. But we will say that we've been impressed with the direction that Blake has taken AI in. He is the total package. And while AI's history would indicate that you don't have to win to have a career in the biz, the best contestant should win. That's Blake.