Like many of the homes to be featured this year, Clintonville's annual Homes Tour has gotten a makeover.

Like many of the homes to be featured this year, Clintonville's annual Homes Tour has gotten a makeover.

Beginning this year, tour organizers have created theme for each tour for the next five years, with the 2008 tour focusing on Clintonville homes that have undergone renovations.

The Clintonville Fund, which organizes the tour, announced last week that the tour will take place Sept. 24.

Tour spokeswoman Ruth Milligan said to be considered for this year's tour, homes must have undergone at least a 50 percent renovation or have an addition that is at least 50 percent of the home's original size.

"We're looking for people who have done interesting, innovative things with their homes," Milligan said.

The theme for this year's tour, she said, was inspired by the soon-to-be-finished renovations at the Whetstone Recreation Center, which is the benefactor from this year's tour.

To be considered for the tour, Milligan said a home must meet the renovation requirements, maintain some of the home's original character, be easily accessible and have creative décor.

Homes can be nominated through the tour's Web site, which also is a new addition this year. The Web site,, gives more information on the tour, allows people to nominate homes and will list the homes on the tour once they are selected.

Milligan said tour organizers will work closely with the homeowners who participate by managing traffic, closing off rooms if requested and directing people during the tour.

All that is required of the homeowners, Milligan said, is about five hours during the tour on Sept. 24.

"We do a lot of conversation with the homeowners," Milligan said.

By setting themes to the tours beginning this year, Milligan said organizers hope to draw more people's interest to the tour.

"There's always interest in homes, but we thought we'd make it a little broader this year," she said. "We wanted people to get excited."

Because this year's tour is tied to the recreation center's renovations, Milligan said organizers hope Clintonville residents will get on board with the tour.

Moving forward, next year's tour theme will be Rustic Ravines, highlighting the benefits, challenges and differences of homes on Clintonville's ravines; in 2010 the tour theme will be Beautiful Bungalows, celebrating the Arts and Crafts period in Clintonville; in 2011 the theme will be Northmoor Neighbors; and in 2012, the tour will celebrate Columbus' bicentennial with the Bicentennial on Broadway tour.

Milligan said each year, the tour will focus on educating people about the theme and how it fits into Clintonville history.

"We're trying to get people to rally around a certain idea or theme," Milligan said. "We needed something new."

For more information on the tour, or to participate in the tour, visit the tour's Web site at, or contact Nora Huber at (614) 324-2317.