A reconstituted Old Bag of Nails, complete with a party-central patio, is expected to reopen next week.

A reconstituted Old Bag of Nails, complete with a party-central patio, is expected to reopen next week.

Reduced to a pile of cinders nearly 18 months ago, the 4,000-square-foot British-style pub on the banks of Alum Creek will occupy the same Bexley-area parcel, 18 N. Nelson Road. A Monday opening is planned.

Owner Mike Purdum said the rebuilding effort cost $1.2-million. The layout is essentially the same, with two major improvements: a basement used to store equipment, freeing up space inside, and a patio sporting a tiki bar and brassy fountain.

"We put a lot of thought into what we wanted to do there -- a little bit of South Beach in Columbus, Ohio," Purdum said.

The restaurant, the third in the local chain, burned down Super Bowl Sunday in 2007. Fire officials believe a fire started near the rear of the building and caught a fence on fire. The blaze spread to the building, which was destroyed.

"They didn't salvage anything out of there except for memories," Purdum said.

Purdum owns nine stores, with another planned for Marysville, as well as Chubby's Sports Bar, the Pour House Tavern and Pig Iron BBQ.

Old Bag of Nails is known as a neighborhood joint, serving up fish and chips, affordable steak dinners, sandwiches and other casual fare. The new place will have a familiar look, with beer cans, a copper-topped bar and dark woods. It will start off with 18 draft beers, with another six planned.

Patrick Fischer will return to the new store as general manager.

"As far as atmosphere goes, we're going to try to produce the same neighborhood pub," he said. "That's what people like about us."

He said all employees whose jobs were lost in the fire were offered employment elsewhere in the company. All have been asked to rejoin Purdum at the Nelson Road location.

"He tried to keep the same staff intact as much as possible," Fischer said, adding that roughly 40 percent will return.

Fischer is pleased to see the store back in business.

"We expect to see a lot of the same customers," he said. "And we're hoping to see a lot of the new faces, as well."