Friends,why is it that every time I find a new fragrance that I love it is eventually discontinued? It has happened to me four times now and I find it very annoying. First, several years ago I wore two perfumes, Charles of the Ritz and Venezia by Laura Bigaloti. Once it disappeared off the shelf it was never to be seen again. I spent a lot of time trying to track it down to no avail. The most recent fragrance of mine that has been discontinued is Trouble by Boucheron. My husband loves that scent and so do I. I can still get it on line, but it is frustrating that it will eventually be obsolete. Have you had this happen to you? If so let me know which of your favorites have been discontinued. To locate it on line just type in the name of the fragrance on Google and see what sites come up that carry it. If it has been discontinued for a few years the bottles will be at least a few years old. Keep this in mind as you are ordering. Two reliable sites that I order from are and For now happy shopping!

Laurie, The BagLady