To the editor:

To the editor:

I'm writing to address misinformation regarding Michael Keenan's record of fiscal responsibility as an elected official with 25 years of service. As a trustee, Mike worked to have Dublin city residents of Concord Township receive the same high level of EMT and fire protection afforded city residents of Washington Township. He worked with City Council to lease the base of a water tower for $1 per year, thus eliminating the need to purchase land for a new fire station needed in the township. Mike also was instrumental in the township collecting less than the authorized fire millage, which reduced our taxes.

As a councilman, Mike contributed to our city having the highest bond rating in the state, which reduces the cost of bonded debt. His actions to promote businesses locating in Dublin allow residents to have a high level of services, at little or no additional cost.

To set the record straight regarding alleged misuse of bed tax revenues by the Dublin Arts Council, Mike was never involved in the development of the bed tax revenue formula in effect today. I was on the city's Parks and Recreation Commission when Leatherlips and Field of Corn were funded. I can personally attest that Mr. Keenan had no role in allocation of tax revenues for public art projects.

Examine Michael Keenan's record of service to his electorate. He has the skills and business acumen to responsibly manage taxpayer dollars. Help elect him to the 22nd Ohio House district.

Kirk Hurto