To the editor:

To the editor:

In May of 1962 I drove down the 3-C Highway to an older home near Eakin Road. It was the first Central Office of our district. In the kitchen-office I had a job interview with the late Darrel Bostick.

This was the beginning of my association with South-Western City Schools. I was 21, the school district was four. Forty-six years with SWCS has allowed me to see many, many good things happen.

I am proud of our school district. Over many years I have had the opportunity to see a district with one of the lowest tax rates in Franklin County compete against far more affluent districts and do very well.

SWCS has a history of exceeding expectations for the investment its communities have made.

We now have an amazing opportunity for SWCS. If we can pass Issue 81 on Nov. 4, we receive a grant of funds that goes beyond matching what the communities of SWCS will pass. This will allow South-Western the funding to construct new schools, renovate other schools, and gain much needed space for full day kindergarten.

Our communities will be able to offer a state-of-the-art school district.

The economic activity this will generate to our area will help our local business establishments.

I will muster the $25 a month it will cost me if Issue 81 passes.

It is an opportunity I cannot afford to pass up. I hope that you will feel the same way on Nov. 4.

Richard "Dick" Curtiss