The Union County Humane Society is looking for new board members.

The Union County Humane Society is looking for new board members.

UCHS executive director Steffen Baldwin said the board of directors has openings for six new members. The board currently has eight members, but bylaws allow up to 15. The board is losing one person who is moving out of the area and lost two others earlier this year.

"The board provides general and fiscal oversight as well as helping to set the philosophy and tone of UCHS in conjunction with the executive director," Baldwin said.

Baldwin said the position is unpaid and requires a time commitment of five hours a month, including a board meeting, committee meeting and volunteer time at the UCHS or campaigning for the UCHS in the community. The position is a two-year term and members can serve up to three terms after being voted in by the other board members.

All board members serve on at least one of the following committees:

Building committee, which evaluates the current building and researches expansion and capital campaigns.

Marketing committee, which creates newsletters and other marketing tools.

Finance-funds development committee, which reviews financials and develops new funding opportunities outside of fundraisers and special events.

Board development committee, which recruits new board members, plans and coordinates retreats and provides training for new board members.

Events committee, which designs fundraisers and special events throughout the year.

In a statement, board secretary Susan Adkinson encouraged local residents to get involved.

"This is a great group of people to get involved with if you are looking for a way to give back to your community and hold a special place in your heart for animals. This is a working board though, so be prepared to roll your sleeves up and get active."

One of the board's goals is eventually to move into a larger facility. Baldwin said the UCHS currently operates at 140- to 200-percent capacity.

"Our bathroom usually houses a dog or two from our overflow," Baldwin said. "The hallway, front lobby and staff areas also house overflow occasionally, and our connection room which we use to perform the meet-your-match assessments between potential adopters and our dogs usually houses puppies that are not ready to be placed in kennels."

Board president Valerie Seus said in a statement that "a strong and fully developed board of directors is the first step towards any concerted effort to expand the UCHS."

For more information on the application process to become a board member, e-mail Baldwin at or call (937) 642-6716.