Friends, today is my son's 20th birthday. For his present this year he requested Sirius Radio. He is commuting back and forth to the OSU Marion Branch this fall for his sophomore year. Since he will be spending a lot of time in his car he wanted to be able to listen to sports talk radio non stop. It really was more reasonable than I had thought it would be. Circuit City and Best Buy have a nice selection and do installation. I first checked online to see the deals. The week I was looking, Circuit City had the radio car kit, adapter to plug it in to a stereo in the house and the installation fee on sale online. When I went into the store I found that the sale was online only. The fact that I had done my research and knew about the discounted prices online I was able to get the price adjusted in the store. If I had not checked into it I would have paid full price. Before heading out to make an electronics purchase, first go to the online site first. It may save you some money. By the way, he is very pleased with it. Are you trying to think of a gift for a special someone who spends a lot of time listening to the radio? If so this would be a good route to go. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBag Lady