Friends, I am a little miffed right now. My son received a PlayStation 3 game for Christmas from his grandmother. She purchased it from an Electronic Boutique/Game Stop Store. (Same Company). He and I had mixed signals on what games he wanted so I suggested she get him a game he already had. I just can't keep up sometimes. Any way, I went to the Game Stop today to swap it out for the Madden 09 game. She had the gift receipt taped to the game just in case there were any issues. So I told the sales associate I wanted to return NBA Live 09 for the Madden game. I gave him the gift receipt and he rang it up. Then he proceeds to tell me I owe $10.79 for the difference. I questioned him on what the price was when it was purchased. He said he had no way of knowing. Now excuse me, what is the good of a gift receipt if the store can't verify what the purchaser payed for it. That is absurd. I questioned him again and he said she may have paid full price but again the receipt does not give him that information. Well, we all have been taught that it is politically correct to give a gift receipt when giving a gift to someone instead of giving them the actual receipt. That way the person has the option of returning it. Now I know it is the polite thing to do but from now on I am not only going to give the original receipt but keep the price tags on the gifts as well. That way I will know that the actual sale value will be available to the person I give the gift to if they choose to return it. Have you run into this at any other stores? Let me know. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBag Lady