brings back its weekly stroll down memory lane, with snippets of news stories from years ago in ThisWeek Rocky Fork Enterprise's predecessor, the Tri-Community News:

10 years ago:
Gahanna-Jefferson swimmer Michelle Hennick advanced to the finals in the sectional to be held at Columbus Academy.
The Gahanna-Jefferson Board of Education elected to tear down the old C-Building.

20 years ago:
Developer Charles Ruma said he wanted to annex 100 acres, including what is today the Gahanna Nature Preserve, into Gahanna.
The developers of Harrison Pond, which at the time was the first part of the New Albany redevelopment planned by Leslie Wexner, were working with the city. They said they could add active recreation fields. Jefferson Township residents, however, balked at adding ball fields.

30 years ago:
Six candidates were running for Gahanna mayor: John Umbaugh, Aaron Kaye, John Breen, Guy Peden, Robert Souder and Al Yost.
Norman W. Martell, who lived at 153 Savern Place with his wife, Thelma, was promoted to the rank of brigadier general in the U.S. Army Reserves.

40 years ago:
Congressman Sam Devine had written a letter to President Richard Nixon, asking that he rescind the decision to make the Gahanna post office a branch office of the Columbus post office.
Bruce S. Barnes, son of Robert L. Rund of 121 Sierra Drive, had been promoted to the rank of 2nd lieutenant in the Air Force Reserve.
Council passed a resolution requiring all developers to build sidewalks and driveways on all new housing developments built in Gahanna.
Gahanna Police Lt. Robert Kelley announced that two Gahanna men as a result of drinking 190-proof wood alcohol.
The Lions clinched the OCC championship by beating Mount Vernon 80-58. They went on to cap the season with an 86-73 non-league victory over Bexley.

50 years ago:
A pre-dawn blaze destroyed the home of Chalsmer and Maude Miesse at 2998 Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road. Both escaped the fire.
Mary June Glenn of 131 Douglas Drive was named the deputy registrar for the area.
Ten Granville Street residents came to Gahanna Village Council to complain about the recent flood. E.J. Tresemer of 304 Granville St. said a huge pile of gravel, formerly blocking the creek's normal channel, had been washed downstream. Mayor Phillip Meseroll told the crowd that he had asked, just that morning, that the channel be dredged.

60 years ago:
Everett Mann, 67, died at his home on Clark State Road. Mann had founded the Norris Manufacturing Co., 533 Wager St., Columbus, and was an inventor and pioneer in the manufacturing of vending machines.
The Lions basketball team, spurred on by substitute forward Budd Deffenbaugh and center Ed Johnson, came from behind in the fourth quarter to beat rival New Albany 38-32.
John McCormick, Carolyn Emig and Betty Griffith were the editors of the Lincoln High School newspaper.

70 years ago:
W.W. Ferris and A.J. Ballard were named to the board of directors of the newly organized Central Ohio Cooperative Milk Producers.
Lincoln High School appointees to the Franklin County Honor Society were Edward White, Helen Tresemer and Robert Pierce.
Lillian Bender and Jimmy Gotschall won the jitterbug contest two nights in a row at the annual policeman's ball.

Compiled by Gaylon Vickers