After two years of managing Johnstown's Farmers Market, Pat Kramer has found someone else to take the reins at the weekly market this summer.

After two years of managing Johnstown's Farmers Market, Pat Kramer has found someone else to take the reins at the weekly market this summer.

Kramer recently opened a business -- Gifts by Us, featuring local artists and craftsmen -- and said she no longer has time to run the market as well.

"I had to give it up," Kramer said. "My shop is open the same hours as the market."

When Kramer began to think about who might do a good job running the market, she thought about who benefited from the market and who would have the resources to manage it. The answer became obvious.

"I tried to think of someone who had the time that would actually profit from it, and both years I've given the money from the market to the American Legion," Kramer said. "When I saw the list of things they did, it was like, hmmm."

The Legion sponsors several activities in Johnstown, including Fourth of July, Boys State, Safety Village, projects at the schools, baseball teams and more than 40 other projects and activities over the course of a year.

Kramer said the main responsibility is simply to be present to answer any questions and make sure vendors are organized.

"It's not that hard to run," Kramer said. "You just have to have someone available. You have to have someone there at the beginning of the market. They've got a lot of guys (in the Legion), so one or two times a month they can have a person doing it so it does not have to be time-consuming."

The market will continue to be sponsored by Downtown Johnstown, as it has for the two years it has been in existence, but operated by the Legion.

Commander Bruce Tolle and Legion member Gordon Cromwell said they hope operating the market will raise the Legion's profile in the community and help recruit new members.

"A lot of our guys are World War II vets, and Korean guys who are getting up there," Tolle said. "They used to march from downtown to the cemetery and not many of those guys can do that anymore."

Cromwell said the Legion would like to recruit members from the generation of soldiers who have served in wars since the 1980s.

"We need the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan," Cromwell said. "I'm a member of the Vietnam Veterans of American in Newark, and I'm the average age there because it's Vietnam. But in the VFW in Newark I'm young, and in the Legion I'm certainly young. We need new blood."

Cromwell said volunteering in the Legion is something that serves both the veterans and the community.

"You don't feel the need or urge to serve in something like this until you are older," Cromwell said. "You especially see that when you see these kids coming back from war. They need support, even though they may not know it."

In other Downtown Johnstown business, a second community meeting will be held March 1 at the village administration offices to discuss planned changes to the intersection of U.S. Route 62 and state Route 37, and changes to the downtown parking areas. One proposal pending would eliminate Phalen Way and create a larger parking lot that would have direct access to the adjacent businessmen's parking lot to the east of Phalen Way.