Grove City High School students have created a new award in honor of alumna Angela Sayers.

Grove City High School students have created a new award in honor of alumna Angela Sayers.

The Outstanding Poet award will be given by the high school's Student Literary Arts Magazine in honor of Sayers.

Sayers, 20, was well-known during her high school years for her passion for writing, said SLAM adviser Randi Flynn.

"I didn't have the honor of teaching her, but she was one of those outstanding kids that the majority of our faculty had a really good rapport with," Flynn said.

"English was definitely her thing."

Sayers was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2005. The next year, when she was 14, her leg was amputated.

Lynn Brungarth, one of Sayers' English teachers, said she never let the amputation slow her down.

"I had Angie as a junior. She was that kid that it did not matter what she was up against, she would persevere," Brungarth said.

"Toward the end of the year, they were getting ready to fit her for a prosthetic leg. ... She said the next year when she graduated, she was going to walk across that stage."

And Sayers did.

"She has a sense of humor that is crazy for what this girl has been through. She just laughed right through everything," Brungarth said. "She was never upset over everything. She just took everything with a grain of salt."

Sayers' lifelong goal has been to be a published poet, according to district spokeswoman Sandy Nekoloff. One of Sayers' poems will be published in this year's SLAM "Hope," which was also published in The Columbus Dispatch Feb. 15.

"Every year we'll give an Outstanding Poet award from now on out and we want to name this award after her because of her legacy with Grove City High School," Flynn said.

Brungarth said the award is a perfect way to honor Sayers.

"I think it's very fitting and it's a wonderful tribute to her," Brungarth said.

In addition, Sayers friends and family and the charity A Kid Again have come together to publish her works.

The editors at Chicken Soup for the Soup published Sayers' "10 Steps to Moving Forward" on their website at Her family is self-publishing "Illuminations," a compilation of her journal entries and poetry. Soft coverbooks are available for $45 each and hardcover books cost $60 each.

Both can be purchased at