Lucky U IPA is mellow and crisp without giving flavor and subtlety, says First Draft columnist Michael Paull.

Nothing in craft beer is more exciting this summer than the trend toward more great offerings coming out in aluminum cans. While they keep beer fresh better than bottles, cans have traditionally been full of bland light lagers. However, more and more breweries are canning great, satisfying brews.

Lucky U IPA, from Breckenridge Brewery in Colorado, is one of them.

Enjoyed from the can, this is one refreshing, mellow India Pale Ale. It pours a fantastically crisp orange with a supple blond head that sits softly atop the glass and slowly billows as it settles. Generous lacing precedes an incredibly smooth mouthfeel that grows as you drink, giving a deeply refreshing effect.

The aroma is notably muted for an IPA. When the can is first cracked, there is a brief blast of floral hops with a hint of spice, but after that, it could pass for amber on the nose with a clean, malty aroma and a hint of fresh garden greens just detectable right up close. While this mild scent is out of character for the style, it is not missed as much when drinking straight from the can.

Tart up front and sweet and floral in the finish, every sip of Lucky U is delicious and satisfying without ever being the least bit challenging, unbalanced or intense. There is a peppery hop spiciness that builds with each sip, and the sweetness certainly grows across the tongue into a pleasant red apple finish. It's not exactly clean and is anything but dry, but is certainly refreshing. Available in six packs of cans ($9.99) as well as in bottles, it is best served very cold as a complement to rich foods with mild, simple flavors.

While an aluminum can is an excellent package for any great beer, there is something especially satisfying about a cold can of really refreshing beer in the summer time. Breckenridge's Lucky U IPA is mellow and crisp and goes down easy without giving up on flavor and subtly.