You don't have to convince members of the Team Bexley peloton that there is strength in numbers.

You don't have to convince members of the Team Bexley peloton that there is strength in numbers.

This year, two local pelotons (teams) joined forces to form Team Bexley. That union more than doubled the number of participating Bexley riders from a year ago, and most importantly, more than doubled the local fundraising effort for the 2011 Pelotonia event to fight cancer.

In 2010 the Bexley Peloton, a 20-year-old team of experienced riders, had 15 riders who raised $40,947.

Team Rubino's, another Bexley-based peloton, formed by Andy Madison, Tim Madison and Adam Levin for the sole purpose of fundraising for Pelotonia, had 30 riders in 2010 and raised $64,629.

The new Team Bexley grew to 90 members in 2011 and was a true cross-section of the community.

The average age of a Team Bexley rider is 45.

The oldest rider was 73-year-old Dr. Dan Zidel.

The youngest riders were two sixth-grade team members.

Team Bexley was comprised of cancer researchers and doctors; multiple cancer survivors; Bexley and Columbus School for Girls teachers; Bexley, Columbus School for Girls and Columbus Academy students; doctors; lawyers; architects; financial advisors; a law student; a medical student; builders; brokers; fashion designers; and many other professions.

Team Bexley had four father-daughter members, one father and son, three mother-daughter members, and two husband-wife teams.

"The common thread for all of us is that we have all lost loved ones to cancer and we ride together to find a cure for cancer," Team Bexley co-captain Tim Madison said. "So many Bexley residents gave of their time and money.

"Some didn't even ride, like Steve Yaffe and Jody Scheiman," he said. "Suzanne Kondracke hurt her knee but still worked tirelessly. It became a passion for many far beyond what anyone could have imagined."

Two team members were unable to compete, but still raised funds. Four rode 23 miles. Twenty-four logged 43 miles. Forty-six rode 102 miles and 14 rode the entire 180 miles.

Fundraising totals to date show Team Bexley as the top non-corporate peloton and fifth overall in total dollars raised.

Limited Brands Peloton led the way with $1,829,940, followed by Team Huntington ($1,632,814); Team Buckeye ($1,574,832); Cardinal Health ($259,032); Team Bexley ($213,351); Stefanie's Team of Hope ($192,212); JPMorgan Chase ($185,294); Team Exel ($117,902); Central Ohio Primary Care ($107,152); AEP Energizers for as Cure ($105,516).