A new fitness studio in Powell focuses on the intense level of indoor stationary cycling called "Spinning."

A new fitness studio in Powell focuses on the intense level of indoor stationary cycling called "Spinning."

Worthington resident Rachael Matthews opened Velocity Cycle Studio, 3967 Presidential Parkway, Powell, in November. The studio is a separate business, but is inside Powell Fitness.

A fitness instructor since 1992, Matthews is a certified personal trainer and stationary cycling instructor.

She has been a stationary cyclist since the early 1990s, when she began instructing others in it, and considers herself an enthusiast.

"What I like about it is that it's just jam-packed intense cardio that you do to music," Matthews said. "You have somebody taking you through every step on the bike and after 50 minutes to an hour, you burn 600 to 700 calories and you're done. And it's one of the most fun things I've done."

The studio has a schedule of morning and evening classes, six days a week. It also offers boot-camp and turbo-kick classes.

Fitness has always interested Matthews, who until three years ago worked full time in advertising and part-time as a physical fitness instructor.

She then became a state-licensed personal trainer and made it her full-time profession. She said she followed her passion.

"I really enjoy helping people," Matthews said. "And that's something that never fades."

Matthews said "Spinning" is a brand name of Mad Dogg Athletics, which made the bikes used in her studio. She and all her instructors are certified by that company.

The studio works with experienced Spinners or someone wanting to try it.

"My philosophy and approach is something I look for in all our instructors. We're here to inspire, motivate and have fun. You'll leave feeling energized, and knowing you've had one solid workout," Matthews said.

Matthews has been a small- business owner for a number of years; this is her first studio.

"By creating my own studio, I could really elevate my brand. I have my own style when it comes to my Spinning classes," Matthews said. "I focus on creating rides that have motivating music, inspire you to give your best and provide something different each time. One day we might be taking an endurance ride through the first stage of the Tour de France. The next time we might be pushing interval loops around a lake. Then you might get a strength ride. I even throw in themed rides now and then. We mix it up so you never get bored. We tie it together with great coaching."

The studio covers about 1,100 square feet. It has brought one full-time and five part-time instructors to the area.

For more information, visit www.velocitycyclestudio.com or call (614) 378-3213.