Historic Dublin could mirror the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium's Wildlights in the near future.

Historic Dublin could mirror the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium's Wildlights in the near future.

The Historic Dublin Business Association this week was awarded a $10,000 hotel/motel-tax grant for phase one of "Light Up Dublin."

During a Dublin City Council finance committee meeting last week, HDBA treasurer Tim Picciano and vice president Brenda Kocak outlined the request in the annual grant hearing that awarded nearly $150,000.

"Light Up Dublin would be Historic Dublin with the zoo Wildlights," Picciano said.

According to the grant application for Light Up Dublin, the "ultimate goal is to have all buildings and streetscape in Historic Dublin lit up with thousands of lights, in a coordinated effort, every holiday season such that Historic Dublin becomes a must-see destination similar to the Columbus zoo's holiday lighting program."

Lights would extend along Bridge and High streets, side streets and alleys in Historic Dublin with businesses.

"Envisioned is for all buildings to have 'outline' lighting along window and door frames, entrances, fences, bushes and landscaping and roof lines," the application states. "In addition lamp posts and streetscape fixtures (the new flower pots as an example) will also be adorned with lighting."

In order for this to happen, Picciano said, an electric infrastructure must be installed.

The grant of $10,000 would fund a design plan for infrastructure improvements to handle all the lighting planned.

"The artistic design of Light Up Dublin needs to be determined and detailed with such issues as what kind of lighting, how many and where to place them for the most impact being addressed," the grant application said. "In addition, the infrastructure design will need to be determined in order to provide the needed electrical capacity for the project to be successful."

Picciano said Historic Dublin saw a "dramatic increase" in pedestrian traffic in 2011, and Light Up Dublin would help during the holiday seasons and run in conjunction with Holly Days, a series of events in Historic Dublin in December.

"It could really put Historic Dublin on the map and it could encourage additional hotel stays," he said.

Finance committee member Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher questioned whether infrastructure needed would be funded with bed-tax dollars or in the city's annual capital-improvement program.

According to Picciano, other improvements in Historic Dublin have been funded with bed-tax grants in the past, but funding could come from other sources.

Historic Dublin businesses also could partner with the city on the project both in maintenance and funding, he said.

Chinnici-Zuercher encouraged the HDBA to complete the study by August, when Dublin starts putting together its 5-year capital-improvement plan.