Eric "Michael" Braddock, former owner of two restaurants, never thought he would end up as a baker.

Eric "Michael" Braddock, former owner of two restaurants, never thought he would end up as a baker.

Now an owner of Eban Bakery, which produces gluten-free bread and baked goods, Braddock said he's found his niche.

"This is what has been the most fulfilling," he said.

Braddock and co owner Adrienne Novak recently relocated their business to Grove City on Dec. 18, renting a small commercial kitchen at 4086 Broadway.

They had been running the operation out of Novak's one-bedroom town house apartment since opening in September.

"It was a challenging time," Novak said.

Novak and Braddock baked up to almost 200 loaves per week there, using her stove and a five-quart mixer. Bread racks were set up in the living room.

"It was pretty tight," Novak said.

Braddock formerly was chef and owner of Braddock's Grandview and Braddock's Diner at the North Market in Columbus. Later, while working in North Carolina, he developed a line of gluten-free products for a bakery there.

"It was a totally different animal than baking with wheat," he said. It took him about four months to develop his recipe.

After rekindling his friendship with Novak, who also has a chef's background, Braddock returned to Columbus in May to find a challenging job market. It was then that he decided to use his gluten-free recipes to create Eban Bakery with Novak.

"We wanted to really do something on our own," he said.

Braddock was greeted with enthusiasm when he took samples to area markets.

"The bread sold itself," he said. "Once the people tried it, they wanted it immediately."

Now Eban Bakery's retailers include the Clintonville Community Market, the Bexley Natural Market, Celebrate Local at the Easton Town Center, Hills Market, Huffman's Market in Upper Arlington, The Raisin Rack in Westerville, Weiland's Gourmet Market and Expressly Market Bakery and Deli at the North Market.

"We get great response from all of our retailers," Novak said. They are interested in finding retailers in Grove City.

"We want to make our product available to everyone," Novak said.

In addition to breads, the bakery offers gluten-free cookies.

While the business is quickly growing, Braddock envisions keeping it in Grove City, where he also lives.