Anna Wilson, who plays the McCoy Center gala tomorrow night, shares thoughts on songwriting

You read about the unique dual-track musical career that Anna Wilson is knocking out of the park in our print piece. As often happens, there is more interesting stuff shared during our interviews than print space restraints allow, so we share here a short exchange with Anna, in which we asked about songwriting and whether you have to be "genre-cognizant."

"To be honest, yes. You can wish that it didn't work that way, but 'boxes' exist."

"How I wish it worked? That you could just do music for music's sake and let it find its way out there, but that's not the world we live in. (A song) needs an identity, so you play the game a little bit."

"Also, writing for a specific genre comes with its own set of rules, which can be a challenge. That's where the craft comes in."