Project T is the new buzz word in Bexley.

Project T is the new buzz word in Bexley.

Behind the concept is a scholarship program with the goal of unifying the community in support of Bexley's college-bound student athletes.

The idea is simple: Bexley students embark in the ultimate spirit shirt design challenge each year that embodies the rich athletic tradition of Bexley High School. The shirt then serves as a rallying point for the parents, students and community to unite in support of Bexley athletic teams.

The Project T scholarship fund and T-shirt contest are the brainchild of the Bexley Boosters and the district athletic department, working with local web developer MediaFLOW.

Debuting the project's first model is Bexley senior Sam Harachis, named first-place winner for his T-shirt design, which will be used for Project T next year.

The new duds were unveiled Wednesday, May 23, at the Bexley Public Library. The design will be produced and available for purchase through the Spirit Shop as well as at sporting events beginning next year.

All proceeds from the sales of the shirt go directly to the Project T Scholarship fund, which will award two scholarships a year.

The design challenge was judged by Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler, Parks and Recreation Director Michael Price and members of the local art community.

The chosen shirt design will be available to purchase during the following school year via the website as well as at events.

"A sea of fans all wearing the same color shirt not only goes a long way in intimidating the competition, but shows Bexley's student athletes that the community stands with them in achieving their goals on and off the field, thus reinforcing the 'Win united. Wear The T' mantra," said Kevin Decker, a supporter of the boosters and a web developer for the group.

The Bexley Boosters is a volunteer organization, supporting all Bexley City Schools athletic programs from middle school through high school. The boosters support all athletic programs at Bexley middle and high schools by promoting participation, development, excellence, pride, sportsmanship and a sense of community among team members, the student body, coaches, teachers, staff, administrators, parents and the Bexley community.

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